Saturday, October 27, 2012

Congratulation to your 1yr. Anniversary 
to all the readers and subscribers you will get to this special SPA giveaway from her of. . .
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  4. Labo Labo Super-Keana Cleansing Sample (1)
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Giveway Ends: November 16, 2012

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Yep KCON' 12

I went to KCon a few weeks or so ago and I had a great time. I didn't get to go the whole day because I had work so, I missed B.A.P, G.NA, EXO-M ad etc, except for my girls 4MINUTE XD! YAY! I took photos with Dumbfoundead but I didn't get meet Jen from-head-to-toe and I could only get pics of Simon and Martina from afar. I talked to some people and they said it was kind of sloppy how convention was set up and the timing and I think I know why and maybe you too, if your went to AX (Anime Expo) this year then you know what I'm talking about. I'm not gonna lie the scheduling fiasco of AX definitely haunting KCon. If you guys watched the stream, did you get annoyed at how many time they mentioned MNET. I think three times should be enough. Plus,I  wish had cable to able to get the Asian package to be able to watch Asian networks but it gets real expensive, so I'm just gonna stick to my Netflix.


Monday, October 22, 2012

Friday, October 19, 2012

Vivi x Lily Brown

Lily Brown seem to me to be new designer and I was actually looking at clothing brand and really wanted some of clothes from her brand. I found myself book marking her outlet page on and well at least I now own one thing from her brand and it was one of reasons I picked up the magazine the other was because I actually have not bought any Vivi magazine before. I found it weird that this issue had Lily Brown because I was just looking at her website .  . . it was like some kind of deja vu.

Her brand is apart of Snidel brand which is: a building and directing conscious silhouette beautiful body line and hip line Boryumi Pawashoru Colored jacquard and fashion at a variety of color variations that have a unique texture and organic patterns couture use a combination of different materials let you stretch it a little bit a woman wearing a consisting of the unique charm couture tight. Defiant originality."

Transmitted from the warmth of the hand "Lily Brown" vintage was born on the theme of "Future vintage dress." Ingenious design. I love that I put into Detiru. In such a treasure, such as clothes, Lily Brown, closet is filled with favorite brands.



 Lily Brown Brand Official Website

Lily Brown official online shop

Official Twitter Lily Brown

Official Facebook Lily Brown

Fashionwalker: Lily Brown

Vivi Clothes

Dakota Rose
Finally, get see what she's been up to in japan since she's been MIA slightly from her YouTube page. 
She's fluent in Japanese and her doll-hime look and amazing hair tutorials which helped her get scooted by modeling agency in Japan,

Here is her blog:

Another new designer coming straight out of Korea into Japanese doorstep.
her web store opens on 10.23.12

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Perfume's Opulent Dream


 You guys don't know how long I wanted to talk about this next months issue of Japan Vogue. I'm kind short in cash this month because I got my tickets to Big Bang's Alive tour and this last weekend and I'm going to be going Gal-ween and KCON. I'm so happy at the same time I have barely any money lol. Anyways,  if you want to buy it for your collection then Amazon and Mitsuwa (etc.), also are selling them believe me because I called.(this was writen a week or so ago)
This is actually my first time buying Vogue and also Vivi. I have to say this my favorite Japan Vogue Issue, it has not just Perfume but Grimes, Alexander Wang, Lee Seojin, and Lee Seung Gi are in this issue as well.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


7th Annual Taste of Soul Festival 

 Saturday, October 20, 2012  10:00am – 7:00pm
Location : Crenshaw Blvd (Rodeo – Stocker St) & Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd (McClung – Marlton)


L.A.’s largest street festival

Dubbed Los Angeles’ largest street festival, The Taste of Soul Los Angeles takes place annually in October and features a taste of all things “soulful” including food from local restaurants, live entertainment, displays from local artists, and exhibits from local businesses and organizations.
Founded by Danny Bakewell Sr., now in its 7th year, the Taste of Soul is presented by the Los Angeles Sentinel Newspaper and benefiting the South L.A. non-profit organizations Mothers in Action and the Brotherhood Crusade, the Taste of Soul Los Angeles is a free family-friendly event hosted in partnership with the City of Los AngelesRadio Free 102.3 KJLH, and 94.7 The Wave. The Taste of Soul takes place in the 8th and 10th council districts represented by Councilmembers Bernard Parks Sr. and Herb Wesson Jr.
The Taste of Soul is still free and takes place on Crenshaw Boulevard between Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Boulevard and Rodeo Road in Los Angeles and attracts over 250,000 attendees.

 626 Night Market

 October 20 & 21, 2012 
3pm - 1am
3pm - 11pm

Event Address:
626 Night Market @ Santa Anita Park infield
285 W. Huntington Drive
Arcadia, 91007
(Enter through Gate 5 or 6 off Colorado Place)
 The largest​ Asian night
market in Los Angeles.​
Now at Santa Anita Park.
  • Arrive early from 3 - 4pm for $4 parking
  • Parking after 4pm is $7

~Happy Eating

Sunday, October 7, 2012

POP K-POP J-POP la la la

I've been coming up with a list of my favorite K-pop artist and let me tell you It wasn't easy. Now I'm sitting here watching Twilight trying to figure ou how narrow it down and also put my favs of J-pop.

Famle Groups (this was the hardest)                              Male Groups

           1. Brown Eyed Girls                                           1. Big Bang                             
           2. 2NE1                                                               2    SHINee
           3. Mamamoo                                                       3. Block B
           4. RaiNA                                                             4. Infinite
           5. Ladies Code                                                    5. TVXQ
           6. 4MINUTE                                                      6. B.A.P.
           7. Wonder Girls                                                  7. GOT7
           8. Dal Shabet,                                                     8.  EXO    
           9. Brave Girls                                                     9. VIXX      
           10. f(x)                                                                10. TEEN TOP/Nu'est
           11. Red Velvet                                                     10. B1A4/ BTOB
       Kara, Apink T-ARA, Fiestar             . . . ,

Soloist Female                                                              Soloist Male

           1. BoA                                                                          1. Rain (Bi)
           2. Lee Hyori                                                                 2. Se7en
           3. So Dam Bi                                                               3. PSY
           4. NS Youn G                                                               4. Heo Young Saeng
           5. Seo In Young                                                            5.Kim Hyun Joong
           6. E.via                                                                          6.Jay Park
           7. IU                                                                              7.DEAN
           8. Baek Ji Young                                                           8. Crush
           9. Kan Mi Youn                                                            9. Kim Hyung Jun
          10. IVY                                                                        10.Babylon
          11. G.NA                                                                     11. K.will

Trio/Mixed Groups                          Duo Groups                                            K-rock

        1. Koyote                                         1. Davichi                                          1. Trax
        2. Co-ed School                               2. Leessang                                        2. LED Apple(<3)
        3.Sunnyhill                                      3. MFBTY                                          3. Telepathy
        4. Orange Caramel                          4. AKDONG MUSICIAN                 4. FT Island
        5. TaeTiSeo                                      5. Dynamic Duo                                 5. CN Blue

J-pop Female Groups                           J-pop Male Groups                   Mixed Groups
        1.Perfume                                           1.  TheGazette                          1. Capsule                         
        2.Dream                                              2. UVERworld                        2.GARNiDELiA
        3. Bright                                              3. Flow                                  
        4. Morning Musume                           4. Exile
        7. LinQ

   1. Koda Kumi
    2. Namie Amuro
   3.Utada Hikaru
   4. Iconiq (Sugar Kpop/Jpop)
   5. Kanno Yoko
   6. Kyrary Pamyu Pamyu
   7. Kanon Wakeshima


       And those are my favorite of K-pop and Jpop

Thursday, October 4, 2012

[Part 2] Oh la la Le Merde

This last weekend I went GR2 and Meet Eric Nakamura and the Artist Le Merde. Now guys remember post I wrote back in spring about there little Asian hotspots in LA, well this hotspot is in UCLA/ Wilshire area and mostly eaters, restaurants, and shops.That night there were so many people coming and going on the Sawtelle Street. Usually during the day there is not that many people but at night it truly comes alive.  

I have to tell you guys when I meet Eric was kind of in awe of his work. It was strange to meet someone you got see in a documentary or heard about through word of mouth. I didn't think I was going to meet him lol. I got take a picture with him and Le Merde. Wow! just typing this seems so surreal. Le Merde is amazing I really enjoy talking to him about his art work and process. Oh I was wearing the shirt from Biennale 3 and they really loved and shirt and for coming out to gallery(b/c that's what artist do they support there fellow artist.)

You also got color in his drawings. The purple is mine with the blue nose.

Almost forgot Giant Robot is adjacent GR2, so I had to go over there and I pick up this robot stencil aluminum case.



Monday, October 1, 2012

Ah! K-dramas

This Spring through fall I've been watching a lot K-dramas. You'll probably know which I'll be talking about. I'll tell you right now Dream High 2, Big, and Love Rain did not make the list because they freak'n disappointed me but I did love The King 2 Heart and I Do, I Do were the best two dramas of this summer.Oh, how could I forget Roof Top Prince that was emotional roller coaster and I loved the ending.So if like R.T.P than you should the Moon Embracing the Sun [remember butterfly].

 The first fav fall drama which come on Monday and Tuesday is Faith, staring Min ho of Boys Over Flowers and he is the Finest General in this period piece but also the beautiful Kim Hee-Seon as the heavenly doctor.

I'll tell you  guys I was never into period pieces but this one is AMAZING along side Arang and the Magistrate(Marang), that comes on Wednesday and Thursday. Staring my favorite super natural girl Shin Min-A as Arang. If you haven't watched My Girlfirend is Gumiho(nine-tailed fox) then I suggest you watch both of them. Lets not forget Lee Joon-Gi as the handsome kickass magistrate.These both dramas kind of reminds of Inu Yasha and Rurouni Kenshin lol.

Now, if your fan of F(x) than you know that Sulli is playing the main character Jae-Hee Goo/ Koo along with Minho of Shinee and  Lee Hyun-Woo in the remake of Japanese's Hana Kimi also called To The Beautiful You. Let's just say SM has a lot influence in the this drama. But the actors are amazing, funny and ageyo/ageha but I have not gotten to watch the original yet and I don't know if I will. But this drama is very similar to You're Beautiful so should check that drama out as well.

Last but not least Panda and Hedgehog, this cheesy k-drama that the plot is sort of a puzzle. It's funny I have not watched any food or drink dramas yet until now, I guess I don't follow the hype. Lee- dong hae( I watched him in Skip Beat/Extravagant Challenge this summer and loved it) is hedgehog with unknown pass and Yoon Seung-Ah plays Panda Yang which she totally turns into when in distress. Also like mention that Yoo so-young from Dream High 2 is in this and voice reminds of Fran from the Nanny. . .lol.

In early spring they had announced  they were releasing Paradise Kiss  I was excited to watch it b/c Mysoju usually has J movies up with in a month or two.(recently Mysoju has gotten copyrighted strike from SBS so it will be while before they come back.) I seriously thinks it annoying, some of the younger generation would really love to watch these shows, some of tjem don't have jobs but they have web but the government in the states is all over it block one thing after the other, next this might as well be ruled by late 80's Chinese gov't for Christ sakes.

Your probably wondering what made me get into dramas well it was my mom but my first drama that I fully watched was the Taiwanese drama adaption of Japanese manga MARS. They had aired twice here in the states around 1 pm but there was no subs when it first aired so I would stay up all night watching it on my mom's dell. Plus I had been collecting the manga and so I got see the whole story.But the first foreign drama I watched was La fea mas Bella, they had made updated one called Llena de amor full of huge plot twist.

Where do I watch my dramas?
 I use to watch them on Mysoju because my friend recommended it but then Viki came along so I watch 90% of my dramas there, if not then 10% on kimchi drama but they have pop ups.
Netflix and also is carrying recent k-dramas like City hunter, Tamra Island, Paradise Kiss and etc. Hopefully they'll add more of the popular shows of this year.