About Me

Hello Everyone and Welcome to my Blog.

I'm Ashley a.k.a Ash2theb

I live in the land of the stars. . .Los Angeles. I started blogging in 2010 because of major which is Graphic design. Am trying finish as fast as I can but it's not easy . . .so many colleges and competition in this field but just can't wait to transfer so I can really start my career and thinking of minoring in liberal arts /communication but will see.

Am into a variety of things. . .I use to dance in high school but not much anymore. As you can see I like art which brings different types media it to the table. . .well to put it short am into visual and performing arts.
Currently in need of powerful computer but paying for school kind breaks banks and maintaining what gets me to school.

If you want use to my images please leave me a comment or click on Contact at the top to go my personal contact page.

Beauty Profile

Skin Type: Combination/dry to oily
Skin Tone: Tan/Medium
Undertones: Warm

Problem Areas:

acne scars
dry patches
large pores
sun damage from when I was kid and the sun hitting my skin as we drive home in 4 clock traffic.

Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Dark brown, kinky/curly, thick, and a lot of it!

Facts about me:

Aquarius. . .The age of Aquarius, the age Aquariiusss.
I'm mini sized at 5'4 or 163 cm
Native Californian
I'm a gyaru beginner

The Gyaru Bible:

Book 1: Ageha

Book 2: Can Cam

Book 3: S Cawaii

Book 4: Egg

Book 5: JJ

For the guys beginners gyuro:
Non no
Mens egg

You can find these mags on online as scans here(katsuyuki) or here, or buy them here or buy them from Mitsuwa or Book off or any Japanese bookstore

My favorite Shop girls/gyaru/ models(I like urban, edgy and futuristic styles.)

First let start with my husband TOP(yeah I know his not gyuro but just look at him Sexy HAE!
. . .
Aki Matsumoto

Maya Mori

Yuria Kushido

Remi Sakamoto

 Mai Miyagi

I like:
I like ppl to speak openmindedly
Asian Culture
K drama
K pop
J pop
Conventions/ meetups
Gaming(today more like watching ppl play video games but i do play Sims 2)
Samsung Fan girl but would also like to be  a Apple fan-girl one these days.

I hate:
Fake, negative or ignorant people
Olive oil (food allergy)

That's All Folks.


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