Monday, October 1, 2012

Ah! K-dramas

This Spring through fall I've been watching a lot K-dramas. You'll probably know which I'll be talking about. I'll tell you right now Dream High 2, Big, and Love Rain did not make the list because they freak'n disappointed me but I did love The King 2 Heart and I Do, I Do were the best two dramas of this summer.Oh, how could I forget Roof Top Prince that was emotional roller coaster and I loved the ending.So if like R.T.P than you should the Moon Embracing the Sun [remember butterfly].

 The first fav fall drama which come on Monday and Tuesday is Faith, staring Min ho of Boys Over Flowers and he is the Finest General in this period piece but also the beautiful Kim Hee-Seon as the heavenly doctor.

I'll tell you  guys I was never into period pieces but this one is AMAZING along side Arang and the Magistrate(Marang), that comes on Wednesday and Thursday. Staring my favorite super natural girl Shin Min-A as Arang. If you haven't watched My Girlfirend is Gumiho(nine-tailed fox) then I suggest you watch both of them. Lets not forget Lee Joon-Gi as the handsome kickass magistrate.These both dramas kind of reminds of Inu Yasha and Rurouni Kenshin lol.

Now, if your fan of F(x) than you know that Sulli is playing the main character Jae-Hee Goo/ Koo along with Minho of Shinee and  Lee Hyun-Woo in the remake of Japanese's Hana Kimi also called To The Beautiful You. Let's just say SM has a lot influence in the this drama. But the actors are amazing, funny and ageyo/ageha but I have not gotten to watch the original yet and I don't know if I will. But this drama is very similar to You're Beautiful so should check that drama out as well.

Last but not least Panda and Hedgehog, this cheesy k-drama that the plot is sort of a puzzle. It's funny I have not watched any food or drink dramas yet until now, I guess I don't follow the hype. Lee- dong hae( I watched him in Skip Beat/Extravagant Challenge this summer and loved it) is hedgehog with unknown pass and Yoon Seung-Ah plays Panda Yang which she totally turns into when in distress. Also like mention that Yoo so-young from Dream High 2 is in this and voice reminds of Fran from the Nanny. . .lol.

In early spring they had announced  they were releasing Paradise Kiss  I was excited to watch it b/c Mysoju usually has J movies up with in a month or two.(recently Mysoju has gotten copyrighted strike from SBS so it will be while before they come back.) I seriously thinks it annoying, some of the younger generation would really love to watch these shows, some of tjem don't have jobs but they have web but the government in the states is all over it block one thing after the other, next this might as well be ruled by late 80's Chinese gov't for Christ sakes.

Your probably wondering what made me get into dramas well it was my mom but my first drama that I fully watched was the Taiwanese drama adaption of Japanese manga MARS. They had aired twice here in the states around 1 pm but there was no subs when it first aired so I would stay up all night watching it on my mom's dell. Plus I had been collecting the manga and so I got see the whole story.But the first foreign drama I watched was La fea mas Bella, they had made updated one called Llena de amor full of huge plot twist.

Where do I watch my dramas?
 I use to watch them on Mysoju because my friend recommended it but then Viki came along so I watch 90% of my dramas there, if not then 10% on kimchi drama but they have pop ups.
Netflix and also is carrying recent k-dramas like City hunter, Tamra Island, Paradise Kiss and etc. Hopefully they'll add more of the popular shows of this year.


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