Friday, October 19, 2012

Vivi x Lily Brown

Lily Brown seem to me to be new designer and I was actually looking at clothing brand and really wanted some of clothes from her brand. I found myself book marking her outlet page on and well at least I now own one thing from her brand and it was one of reasons I picked up the magazine the other was because I actually have not bought any Vivi magazine before. I found it weird that this issue had Lily Brown because I was just looking at her website .  . . it was like some kind of deja vu.

Her brand is apart of Snidel brand which is: a building and directing conscious silhouette beautiful body line and hip line Boryumi Pawashoru Colored jacquard and fashion at a variety of color variations that have a unique texture and organic patterns couture use a combination of different materials let you stretch it a little bit a woman wearing a consisting of the unique charm couture tight. Defiant originality."

Transmitted from the warmth of the hand "Lily Brown" vintage was born on the theme of "Future vintage dress." Ingenious design. I love that I put into Detiru. In such a treasure, such as clothes, Lily Brown, closet is filled with favorite brands.



 Lily Brown Brand Official Website

Lily Brown official online shop

Official Twitter Lily Brown

Official Facebook Lily Brown

Fashionwalker: Lily Brown

Vivi Clothes

Dakota Rose
Finally, get see what she's been up to in japan since she's been MIA slightly from her YouTube page. 
She's fluent in Japanese and her doll-hime look and amazing hair tutorials which helped her get scooted by modeling agency in Japan,

Here is her blog:

Another new designer coming straight out of Korea into Japanese doorstep.
her web store opens on 10.23.12


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