Thursday, October 4, 2012

[Part 2] Oh la la Le Merde

This last weekend I went GR2 and Meet Eric Nakamura and the Artist Le Merde. Now guys remember post I wrote back in spring about there little Asian hotspots in LA, well this hotspot is in UCLA/ Wilshire area and mostly eaters, restaurants, and shops.That night there were so many people coming and going on the Sawtelle Street. Usually during the day there is not that many people but at night it truly comes alive.  

I have to tell you guys when I meet Eric was kind of in awe of his work. It was strange to meet someone you got see in a documentary or heard about through word of mouth. I didn't think I was going to meet him lol. I got take a picture with him and Le Merde. Wow! just typing this seems so surreal. Le Merde is amazing I really enjoy talking to him about his art work and process. Oh I was wearing the shirt from Biennale 3 and they really loved and shirt and for coming out to gallery(b/c that's what artist do they support there fellow artist.)

You also got color in his drawings. The purple is mine with the blue nose.

Almost forgot Giant Robot is adjacent GR2, so I had to go over there and I pick up this robot stencil aluminum case.




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