Thursday, October 18, 2012

Perfume's Opulent Dream


 You guys don't know how long I wanted to talk about this next months issue of Japan Vogue. I'm kind short in cash this month because I got my tickets to Big Bang's Alive tour and this last weekend and I'm going to be going Gal-ween and KCON. I'm so happy at the same time I have barely any money lol. Anyways,  if you want to buy it for your collection then Amazon and Mitsuwa (etc.), also are selling them believe me because I called.(this was writen a week or so ago)
This is actually my first time buying Vogue and also Vivi. I have to say this my favorite Japan Vogue Issue, it has not just Perfume but Grimes, Alexander Wang, Lee Seojin, and Lee Seung Gi are in this issue as well.

So ppl were saying the photo shoot got leaked but I don't think so, since Japan Vogue had done the story on 26th of September(25th for 24hr time difference) then Tokyo Hive had done the story story on the shoot the day before the issue were to be released.

Aside from their shoot, the issue also includes a in-depth interview with the group in which they talk joyfully about their first Asia Tour that will make stops in Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Singapore, as well as their passion for dance and music.  They also spoke about their favorite fashion accessories,  boby image, and their ideal female image. The girls had left happy message to there fans and viewers, so if you have not seen it then here is the link but it might not have been subbed yet :(.

The girls wore Dolce & Gabbana fall 2012 collection straight off Italian runway, "The charming pieces of caped priest coats, golden ecclesiastical embroidery, allusions to altar lace, choir-boy ruffs, and the whole religious gorgeousness of Sicily yet, the collection was to be internationally appealing in the world of fashion."Dolce & Gabbana are the very few known to celebrate all femininity and the diversity that is shared around the world. This collection represent not only women but cultural Italy itself. "The girls looked beautiful and innocent in their tiaras, hair ornaments, and dangly earrings: “something between princesses and virgins,” said Stefano Gabbana. Perfume also said something very similar in which they said, “It was as if we were princesses!

This collection is a very well done of a modern update of Medieval times "ladies of the court or ladies of waiting" for today and in bodies it wonderful to see Dolce & Gabbana views the importance of women in society through fashion.


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