Sunday, September 6, 2015

Japan Fair 2015

Hey Guys,

Last weekend I attended the 6th Annual Orange County Japan Fair 2015. Here is one thing that was so frustrating is that it was the same weekend as Anime California. Anyways, I went with my mom and it was really smaller than I expected it to be and I saw a lot harsh ratings on yelp more now, than before and I only saw two people give them a 3/5.

However,...I think this post might turn into rant in 3...2...1

The venue was nice but didn't provide enough shade for the older crowd, the food options were lacking which mainly offered noodles, and fried or slathered options (I know where the beef is but where non-alcoholic drinks and healthy options). I couldn't remember which vendors had what because we weren't given a pamphlets to tell us what was going on that day so, a General FAQ page would be great. Also, the long lines for food was mainly a K-BBQ vendor that got most of the love. The only highlight was watching the performances on the main stage and the shopping which was inside.

Because the OC and LAC are so, close together I know this sounds a bit general but, since a lot people from out of state think that LA is so spaced out but people seem to forget that LA isn't that big but that are LA County is so, remember that next time you visit California the most the biggest and the most hated state in the Union. What's the difference you say? A whole lot. the County and the City run on different clocks, I had to be corrected on this mistake many of times so, don't count yourself lucky. But back to the my point I was trying to make is that a lot of things are going on around LAC. I'm wondering if the planner for this event was looking at this and accounting for it. My friend just finished university for PR and I just finished taking responsive web design just email me or contact the local University or College, there is always people willing to help out, and flex out what they're good at especially here in California.

I think when running an event is just like running a website, I'm going a little off topic but. nowadays the internet plays vital role in whether or not your website or event is successful. Planning, Budgeting, and Promotion should be at the forefront of any event that includes the website too. Some personal examples is that I really think Japanese/ Korean/Music events /State Fairs promote really well are Anime Expo or KCON or J-pop Summit. I know these events are massive, but you can learn a thing or two from them. One being, Promotion through social media and in general, where the website are really key. Not only that but options to buying/registrar or volunteering, and adding the event to e-calendar are great options to having a successful event. In addition, remember to look for competition ("This is (a) Competition!" - Jessi Unpretty Rapstar). Is your event the same day as another similar event? If so, how will you get people to attend?...Target audience? Maybe hire a well known Performer(s)? Again, the act after performance Q&A not very consistent is not having a booth, which should be given to all acts to get people to come the event. Moreover, look at the past five years and the next five years to access the status of the event. For the OC Japan Fair 2011 apparently, was the best year in which,  Japan's Earthquake and disaster relief aid begin this event. My recommendation is getting Signage/Information for: food/vendors, Dates and Times for performances, and outdoor tents for resting or enjoying the performances. To end this review/rant, I give this fair a 6/10 while yelps average rating for this year was 2/5 with a mode of 1/5. Anyways, I've been working a video that should be up by the end of today and the highlights from Moshi Moshi Nippon LA are up on my YT page so, please go check it out.

Lastly, as I stated before one of the highlights of the Fair was the performances and also meeting Asobi's idol group Musubizm. Sometimes, I wish the languages I've learned or tried to learn would just stick and not discombobulated out of my mouth because that happen when I tried to take a picture them lol. Anyways, Musubizm formed on December 19th, 2014 by five members (Eru Shina (Autumn leaves Red), Rurika Miyajima (Viola Violet), Misa Kimura (Sky Blue), Nami Yamada (Peach Pink), and Mai Imai (Snow White) chosen from a pool of candidates during the Spring 2014 “ASOBI SYSTEM IDOL PROJECT.” Musubizm is a one-of-a-kind group that aims to spread Japanese kawaii culture to the world, and is taking the global idol scene by storm with there recent performance at J-Pop Summit 2015 and now, the OC Japan Fair.



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