Friday, August 30, 2013

Hello Kawaii Kyary (Zipper Mag)

Hey, I know school has started but I just had post this because I knew if I didn't I probably wait months to do it or maybe not at all. I went to Tanabata Festival in Lil Tokyo but arrived later in day because LA be hot. Anyways the last week of festival I got wear my yukata but I got lazy and forgot to take I was in hurry trying to get over to Lil Tokyo since my boyfriend had bought tickets to the Sake Tasting at the Double Tree and my aunt decide to come into town and I got really thrown off. My boyfriend actually got sick midway through from drinking to many different drinks and he threw up a little but he decided to tell the rest of venders that he was he sorry he wasn't able to try their product. After the sake tasting we went to eat then we went to the Tokyo Status event YAY!!!Also, it was Reiko/Ray birthday and she had a fashion show for her new clothing line called Shibuya and my friend who has the Cupcake accessories shop was there so I was super happy to see her again!Anyway, since first week of school I decide to buy my first copy of Zipper plus who wouldn't it had Kyary and Hello Kitty.



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