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They come in Pairs

I just wanted to do a post about fashionable trendsetters and the fact that their all pop duos that came to Tokyo to pursuit their dreams is just amazing. If only it were that simple here in the states, here you need a high school diploma before you can start making some good time money. Well, all I have to say is that they started as models and/or singers now there bona fide stars.

Ami & Aya

Japanese Pop duo Twin sisters a.k.a Twinkerbell

Ami(Scorpio)             Aya(Scorpio)
Blood Type: B            Blood Type: B
160cm                        157cm

At the age 15 they dropped out of high school and moved to Tokyo where they were recruited to model for Mina Magazine. While modeling they wrote their book called Aya Ami Book about their Shinjuku/Harajuku fashion lifestyle and launched their own fashion brand Jouetie.

But their main goal was to make it into showbiz and they did with their 1st mini album Tokyo Pop released January 2013 and then their 1st single released on April 10 2013 called "Magic Color" which was used in Palty campaign colab project. They also have done ads for Geo medical's "Angel Color Series" contact lens.

Amo & Ayamo

Japanese pop duo/ models

Amo(Aquarius)                      Ayamo/ Yamaoka Aya(Virgo)
Chiba, Tokyo                                      Hiroshima, Japan
Blood Type: A                                      Blood Type AB
168cm                                                   150cm 

Amo is a Harajuku model with hints of Lolita fashion and is know to never stick to one dye color but she models for magazine Zipper and fashion brand by Yoshie Itabashi's Candy Stipper..."No Rules No Genre No Age."

 Ayamo on the other hand is a tomboyish trendsetter and  hugely into Otaku culture and Cosplay. You can sometime find her with Amo in Zipper or magazines like Kera. Both started modeling and became friends since 2005 and by 2010 the name "Amoyamo" stucked. Two years later they signed to Defstar Records (under Sony Japan Label) and did a EP "A☆M☆O☆Y★A★M★O" but debuted with their 1st single "Let's Go Out." They are both produced by Tomoko Kawase, there style is more of a synthpop/new wave/power pop.

They also collaborated with  Eyemzaing  to make their 1st false lashes line "Amoyamo x Eyemazing" which was released at the being of this year that has 10 different style to choose from. They also have a Color lens line series with where you can also find and buy there lashes line.

Ami & Yumi

PUFFY a.k.a. Puffy Ami Yumi
Pop Rock Duo

Ami Onuki/ Jane(Virgo)    Yumi/Sue(Aquarius)
Machida, Tokyo       Osaka, Japan

Ami had her solo career but both her and Yumi made several attempts on their own to sign for Sony Music Japan but finally did in the mid-90s. They release there first album "Jet" in 1998 but debuted with "Asia no Junshin" which sold 1 million copies and in end they made 14 million in sales. Since they were such a hit they had a Weekly show called Pa Pa Pa Puffy that ran for about 5 years.

Then also went on tour in America, the Japan Allstars SXSW in 2000 which they caught the eye of a Cartoon Network producer and that November of 04 the Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi show premiered running for 3 seasons they also, did other openings for Cartoon Network shows like Teen Titans. They became goodwill ambassadors for the U.S. for Japanese Tourism in 2006 and they had their 10th Anniversary tour in Japan and U.S. East coast. Back home Puffy Ami Yumi show had it's own series called Puffy Ami Yumi Bu(Club). Ami & Yumi continue to perform and were industry guest at 2009 Japanese Expo and cameo in Usagi Drop and did the opening theme song.

Yuka(Top) and Vani (Bottom) 

 6% DokiDoki Shop Girls

I saved them for last since all I know about them is that their shop girls for Sebastian Masuda's brand 6% Doki Doki. I know that every year they come to the states to promote Kawaii culture at the J-Pop Summit Festival held in San Franciso. They just started to going other parts of North America and Europe to spread their fashion and promote 6% DokiDoki and support their little sis Kyary who also shares the same love for fashion with proud papa Masuda brings the group full circle. All I can say is that they like to party while they are looking good, which why they have their own shop girl blog so, go check it out. I only wish they would come down to L.A. more often because they usually stay more towards north...a least come to Anime Expo and do a fashion show and have a panel w/ Sebastian talking about his brand or have LA weekly do an interview. Update: Yuka's birthday(10-21-13) is today. Well, technically here in the states it's tomorrow, so happy birthday Miss Libra. Also I think Vani's birthday is the day after my mom's birthday which makes her Miss Pisces (2-21-14)...that's really awesome! They have a twitter so go wish them a happy birthday!

But wait there's more...

Mim & Mam

In a couple of days a new pair which are also models and twin sister will be making their showbiz debut. They call themselves "mimmam"  with their debut single "Yura Yura Buru" [ゆら ゆら ぶる] which mean "(Lets) pretend to wobble/sway." And as you can guess their band name is also their personal names Mim and Mam, which are well known Zipper models who have been seen around Harajuku a lot recently usually wearing twin tails.

They started modeling last year at the age of 19. You can follow them both on Twitter here [Mim] and here [Mam]. Mimmam began using their stage names in "Machine Gun and Twin Tails,"  which released on March 7, at the begging of this year which is the fourth installment of the collection of books. It is available on

Mim favorite brands and shops are WEGO, E Hyphen world gallery, Bon Bon, and Tokyo Chiip Lovers. Her favorite Japanese singer is Tsuki Amano, famous for singing the ending themes used in the Fatal Frame series. Mam also likes WEGO but also likes Nile Perch. She also listens to Tsuki Amano but she also listens to pianist Yoeko Kurashi.

They began an interesting twitter promotion gimmick, which was to hashtag #mimmam until they reached 15,000 tweets they would reveal the cover art for their debut. The artwork is done by designer KASICO. Yuru Yura Buru was written by Min a Taiwanese vocalist for band UNAMIN.

Maho Uehara Miho Uehara
Their about 24 now.

My first incounter with them was seeing a pictures of them on Tokyo Fashion when they were students. I didn't think of them as twins but I thought of them as individuals since they such a unique standout styles plus I just loved their look, so I didn't read much. But like before, there is little commentary about them. They came up a lot when I was searching for picture of Neo-gals.

Usually, Miho  and Maho , but they too are always changing. And their often seen together around the streets of Harajuku wearing a lot of overseas brands. Miho is fan of 2ne1, Bigbang, Yuki, which is awesome. Maho definitely has the same taste when it comes to K-pop but she is also into Lady Gaga. They were actually featured on episode of Kawaii International's 1st Annivsersary Tokyo Tour about a year ago.


Here is one more fashionable pairs, Eri and Mika much like the first pair have their own line of clothing ENVYM PRODUCER: self-introduction.
Thier birthday is on June 16, 1986 (BloodType 0). They do a lot of OOTD on their on their blog, so here is a link 

Kaiho & Todo

FEMM is an electronic pop duo with a musical style of EDM, eurodance, rap with a major otaku culture influences. They have been compared to Americanized music including Hip-Hop and club culture.The group rely majority on autotune and vocoder, and were against releasing their music on  any other physical format(i.e.  compact disc, DVD). FEMM are portrayed as plastic dolls, known as a mannequin. Their debut album Femm-Isation was released on October 1, 2014. Based on the themes girl power, feminism and freedom of speech, their singles "Fxxk Boyz Get Money" and "Girls Night Out" are examples of girl empowerment and not relying on male labor or assistance.

Before they became to be known as FEMM. Riri (MS-00000) or Emily Kaiho born on 19 August 1986 in Honolulu, Hawaii by an American mother and a Japanese father. Kaiho had grown up in Japan and speaks both English and Japanese fluently. She is also a model, actress, dancer and karate fighter. Previously studied jazz and modern dance, as well as theatre and acting before moving to japan. She recievced a Bachelor of English and American Literature by Aoyama Gakuin University. In 2012 Emily signed with Avex Group and formed the Metal band "SeeVa" with Rena, Kae and Jackson, but the group ended activities in the same year.

On the other hand, Lula (SW-000000) or Hiro Todo originally a solo singer and primarily sung songs in Japanese. Todo was born to Japanese parents and was originally a solo singer who sung primarily in Japanese. However, like Kaiho, she speaks both English and Japanese fluently.It's unclear how FEMM had came be, but FEMM was formed in mid-2013 by the new Avex Live Creative inc. a sub-label to Avex Trax.


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