Saturday, July 28, 2012

Magz and Swag

After my math final this week I went to Mitsuwa and got some hot coco for my sore throat and pick up some magazines. I bought Happie Nuts and another Biteki. The reason why I bought Happie Nuts is because one of black gyaru Shun Tara was raving about this magazine and the model who is on the cover Sayoko Ozaki plus also Eki picked this up and show off on her blog so I followed the hype this time and pick me up an issue. I have to admit she(Sayoko Ozaki) is beautiful and exotic. . .but not my type gyaru but I think every gyaru beginners has an idol they aspire to be, for me it Aki Matsumoto. Plus the magazine had so many blonde gals I couldn't tell them apart had to do a double take it was weird shock for some reason also showed my co-worker and she had she felt the same way. If your not use to seeing so many blondes(am used to seeing diverse hair colors) than go with Egg Magazine to slowly get you use to seeing blondes. But I like the magazine because of the content it provides on makeup/tutorials and showed off a lot of the Japanese fashion brands as well as skincare.Okay now got some EMODA flip flops which I was so excited about, this one my favorite Japanese brands.

So, now Biteki I love this magazine it's interesting that I like magazine b/c it's a Lifestyle magazine but it does it so well. Models looks are natural. . .this magazine tells you what's new to the market and they shows the model doing exercise techniques and skincare. Then they talk about diet and healthy and inciting food portion. They also do hair pretty tutorials and Wen haircare was also talked about in this issue. Also the magazine came with sample size of Ayura hair massage oil which could be for itchy scalp because of peppermint scent but here's more about this company and the product.


To foster the beauty of your "life".

There is a beauty created only by a world in total balance.With focus on the connection among "skin, body and mind", Ayura is designed to promote the flows of "Qi, Xue and Jin" to generate problem-free skin filled with vitality.

Ayura combines the traditional wisdom with the leading-edge formulations to regulate the skin balance that changes constantly and is different in each individual. Our original "Art of Beauty Care" charges your mind and body with fresh energy.

Ayura helps you elevate your innate beauty slowly and comfortably.

Launched on May 23.

Makes the scalp resilient and supple with a comfortable cooling feel and sufficient moisture to refresh your mind as well. Promotes blood circulation with "BICASSA HEAD MASSAGE". Regulates blood circulation in the scalp to realize perfect Oriental beauty.


Jazzy Sickness

So, over the weekend I went to Jazz Fest West and got see Jill Scot, Charlie Wilson aka uncle Wilson, Dave Koz, Bebe Winans and Will Downing. It was really hot in San Dimas but got really cool by the evening and that's what probably got me sick. I really like performances but the venue was nice but there were a lot people and everyone had to find a place sit as soon as you got there. The VIP had the best seats to show while everyone had to bunch up together. I went jazz out door concert b4 and I think that one was better than this one when it came to places, stage, food stands and and goods.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Pixar in concert

August 3-5
@Hollywood bowl

Get ur tickets today:

About This Performance

For the first time ever, all ages can relive the joy of Pixar’s most beloved characters, from the Toy Story trilogy, Cars, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, WALL•E, Up, the latest release Brave and more, with visually stunning film clips and their memorable scores performed live.

Programs, artists, dates, prices and availability subject to change.

Hollywood Bowl
2301 N Highland Ave, Hollywood, CA 90068

Thursday, July 19, 2012


For more info about this event click here.

Royal/T is Closing

Last Day is July 22, 2012 operating

After five creative and exuberant years, Royal/T is moving from its brick and mortar Culver City space. Thank you to all our friends in the LA community for support over these five wild years.

Please check back for updates about upcoming Royal/T events in Los Angeles, all around the country and abroad.

Don't forget everyone, tomorrow is the last day that Royal/T's cafe will be operating. Come celebrate one last magical day with us. Will be having some amazing bands as well performing in the back space as well including our very own Ihui and her band ROBOTANISTS

. . .

BB Cream for all!

What is BB cream?

BB cream, also known as Blemish Balm, Blemish Base or Beblesh Balm is a "multi-tasking" all-in-one properties — moisturizer, primer, foundation, and sunblock.

Who was behind the idea/made for?

It was Originally formulated in Germany by dermatologist Dr. Christine Schrammek in the 1950s.The cream was initially used to protect skin after laser procedures and surgery, while also providing light coverage.

How and where did it become a hit?

It was introduced to South Korea and Japan in the 1980s, the cream became a hit in in South Korea, BB cream has been named "the secret of Korean actresses" and has been heavily endorsed by Korean celebrities,where BB creams make up 13% of the cosmetics market.

(right-click in preview and click "view image" to get a better view of products)


The pictures are just for promotional purposes.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Friday, July 6, 2012

Lil Tokyo Haul

Hey Guys,

I wish I had done this haul sooner but here goes nothing. So a few days b4 I went to Anime Expo I want to buy some cosplay maid outfits I was very optimistic since a lot outfits were imported straight from japan. The only thing is will my boobs fit into those outfits. I thought about going to party city but I really didn't feel like going there either so I said well I haven't visited lil Tokyo in for quite some time now so let me enjoy my day. (Hint: if you’re going or live in Los Angeles best time to go to lil Tokyo is around Noon but finding b4 then but if did like me and came early and want to adventure around the neighborhood to find some hidden gems it took about an hour to walk around lil Tokyo.)

First I went to Marukai Market to buy some rice cakes and a Ramune which is in the Weller Court. I finally I got see what Nijiya Market looks like it in Lil plaza which is nice fit b/c it got really crowded around noon. Lil Tokyo has the most sushi restaurants I have ever seen. Anyways, then walked all the way to Lil Tokyo shopping center which as really run down but had a good lunch crowd and they also had arcade one of very few I seen that has not been taken out of business yet. I want try this store which sold macaroons, I asked which one was really popular and she said Pistachios so I bought two. Oh the store is called "Lette" and they are moving to another location probably more near San Pedro Blvd.

I also went to Pop-killer store which a smaller then first location which is in Hollywood area. On 2nd street they have these two clothing store one you've already heard of which American Apparel and this other store called Kimski Makes very original/edgy clothing store.

Now for cosmetic stores which sells Japanese Cosmetic imports so if don't want to wait to buy it online then visit these shops most of them are located in the Tokyo plaza. Make Asobi which sells mostly Japanese cosmetic brands and skincare and also clinque. I was in a wonderland when I came here. I bought some tweezers, eyebrow blades and Majolica mascaras. But I went to another store called Maneki Neko which was like mini Sasa and had huge nyx counter which I bought the Super Skinny Marker eyeliner then some My beauty diary mask and Tsubaki shampoo (white) and conditioner (red) and HADANOMY Collagen Mist spray b/c my skin would dry out a lot during winter or tighten up at the end of day when skin b/c it was dehydrated. The other cosmetic store which reminds me of Macy's cosmetic counters they have and carry the high end skin care brands, and the store is called Little Tokyo Cosmetic.

My gals thought I wasn't wearing lashes, probably b/c of how I angles the camera.


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

TOUMA & Friends

July 21 – August 12, 2012
Reception is July 21st, 7:00pm – 10:00pm.

Munky King

7308 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046

Venue hours:
Monday – Sunday: Noon – 7:00pm

Sweet Streets proudly sponsors TOUMA & Friends, a group art exhibition inspired by over 10 years of characters by Japanese artist TOUMA. After a long hiatus from shows in the USA, we welcome TOUMA back with his official anniversary celebration. Artwork and exclusive items will be available to purchase by Munky King online.

Aguru Mukai
Bwana Spoons
Christopher Mitchell
Tm Tsui
Mori Chack
David Horvath
Nathan Hamill
Emilio Garcia
Frank Kozik
Jesse Hernandez
Kenny Wong
Luke Chueh
Mark Nagata
Satoshi Yoshioka
Scott Tolleon
Shojono Tomo
Tristan Eaton

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Monday, July 2, 2012

Kellykonomi Giveaway

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Giveaway ends on 8th July 2012, 1159PM. Winner will be announced on 9TH JULY 2012~!

Giveaway prizes include : Dollywink LIMITED EDITION file, Dollywink LIMITED EDITION eyeliner + mascara, Reason Jewelry eyeliner, 2 pairs of Mizukitty produced falsies! (one upper, one lower each)


I can't believe my Eyeliner

Okay guys,

So I've wanting to do a post like this for eyeliner for a long time and now finally got it done with awesome power of YouTube lol. Anyways these include drugstore and department store brands.Some of cheapest linear you'll find here on chart have really good/great pigmentation and moderate to really great staying power. the liner include Gel, pencil and applicator.

Your probably wondering where's "urban decay" or "make up forever" well there pigmentation from what I saw was really lacking for department store brand which is really sad but at least you know that the drugstores have really step up their game, "getting more bang for your buck."Hope this helps you next your looking for new and better preforming eyeliners.


Sunday, July 1, 2012

updates and some tips to becoming gyaru

Sorry I haven't posted much but these pass two weeks have been hectic. . .
I went to AX this Saturday. . .gotta edit some footage so that goona be fun. Went to Lil Tokyo so I have haul coming up and some reviews.

I wanted talk about being a gyaru, if ur apart of a group then u have to go full out. . .you must contour your nose and cheeks, have ur fake lashes and bottom lashes are preferred but optional, eyeshadow brown, gold and white/ivory colors and black and brown eyeliner. Now lashes,( I found that when wore lashes ppl could barely tell in picture and my lashes are pretty long when I where mascara so when fuse them together they look like my lashes) so try to glue two lashes together or make the eyeliner thick. Lastly lip gloss pink,nude,and coral colors are always preferred unless ur Gothic type than black, blue, and purple should be added to the collection. I'll try post some picks to help you guys out.hint:this extremely important ur lower must filled in or with lashes and contouring and lip gloss are bases to which to infasize.