Sunday, July 1, 2012

updates and some tips to becoming gyaru

Sorry I haven't posted much but these pass two weeks have been hectic. . .
I went to AX this Saturday. . .gotta edit some footage so that goona be fun. Went to Lil Tokyo so I have haul coming up and some reviews.

I wanted talk about being a gyaru, if ur apart of a group then u have to go full out. . .you must contour your nose and cheeks, have ur fake lashes and bottom lashes are preferred but optional, eyeshadow brown, gold and white/ivory colors and black and brown eyeliner. Now lashes,( I found that when wore lashes ppl could barely tell in picture and my lashes are pretty long when I where mascara so when fuse them together they look like my lashes) so try to glue two lashes together or make the eyeliner thick. Lastly lip gloss pink,nude,and coral colors are always preferred unless ur Gothic type than black, blue, and purple should be added to the collection. I'll try post some picks to help you guys out.hint:this extremely important ur lower must filled in or with lashes and contouring and lip gloss are bases to which to infasize.



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