Saturday, July 28, 2012

Magz and Swag

After my math final this week I went to Mitsuwa and got some hot coco for my sore throat and pick up some magazines. I bought Happie Nuts and another Biteki. The reason why I bought Happie Nuts is because one of black gyaru Shun Tara was raving about this magazine and the model who is on the cover Sayoko Ozaki plus also Eki picked this up and show off on her blog so I followed the hype this time and pick me up an issue. I have to admit she(Sayoko Ozaki) is beautiful and exotic. . .but not my type gyaru but I think every gyaru beginners has an idol they aspire to be, for me it Aki Matsumoto. Plus the magazine had so many blonde gals I couldn't tell them apart had to do a double take it was weird shock for some reason also showed my co-worker and she had she felt the same way. If your not use to seeing so many blondes(am used to seeing diverse hair colors) than go with Egg Magazine to slowly get you use to seeing blondes. But I like the magazine because of the content it provides on makeup/tutorials and showed off a lot of the Japanese fashion brands as well as skincare.Okay now got some EMODA flip flops which I was so excited about, this one my favorite Japanese brands.

So, now Biteki I love this magazine it's interesting that I like magazine b/c it's a Lifestyle magazine but it does it so well. Models looks are natural. . .this magazine tells you what's new to the market and they shows the model doing exercise techniques and skincare. Then they talk about diet and healthy and inciting food portion. They also do hair pretty tutorials and Wen haircare was also talked about in this issue. Also the magazine came with sample size of Ayura hair massage oil which could be for itchy scalp because of peppermint scent but here's more about this company and the product.


To foster the beauty of your "life".

There is a beauty created only by a world in total balance.With focus on the connection among "skin, body and mind", Ayura is designed to promote the flows of "Qi, Xue and Jin" to generate problem-free skin filled with vitality.

Ayura combines the traditional wisdom with the leading-edge formulations to regulate the skin balance that changes constantly and is different in each individual. Our original "Art of Beauty Care" charges your mind and body with fresh energy.

Ayura helps you elevate your innate beauty slowly and comfortably.

Launched on May 23.

Makes the scalp resilient and supple with a comfortable cooling feel and sufficient moisture to refresh your mind as well. Promotes blood circulation with "BICASSA HEAD MASSAGE". Regulates blood circulation in the scalp to realize perfect Oriental beauty.



  1. I bought that nuts issue too!! Love it ^w^

    I can see that you like japanese fashion and make up too~ Mind if we follow each other?

  2. Awesome I'm glad you like my blog and I also like your blog. I love how informative it is. Am to make it a goal to follow my followers.

    Thnak You! >W<