Saturday, July 28, 2012

Jazzy Sickness

So, over the weekend I went to Jazz Fest West and got see Jill Scot, Charlie Wilson aka uncle Wilson, Dave Koz, Bebe Winans and Will Downing. It was really hot in San Dimas but got really cool by the evening and that's what probably got me sick. I really like performances but the venue was nice but there were a lot people and everyone had to find a place sit as soon as you got there. The VIP had the best seats to show while everyone had to bunch up together. I went jazz out door concert b4 and I think that one was better than this one when it came to places, stage, food stands and and goods.

The worst thing was trying to get out of there it was we were like cattle being pushed into trucks to go to the slaughterhouse.Everyone by this time was tried and ornery. . .My mom was trying to let this lady by with her kid and my mom kind of nudged, this other lady and lady was not happy and started to go off on my mom while mom tried to explain and mom was really and she walked away and the lady keep talking and she decided to talk to me like. . .I said lady that's my mom. Black people really do we ate r self that much to go off on each other.

Also the guildlines which many were broken.

NO Video equipment or cameras – all video recording is prohibited
NO Tables or Canopies
NO Pets (except service animals)
NO Weapons of any kind
NO Illegal Substances
NO Lawn furniture
NO Professional still camera equipment or pro-sumer cameras (no large/long/zoom lenses or tripods)
NO Large tarps or blankets
NO Fireworks
Also they added this at the last minute and was not on website guidelines was aluminum or any type bottles was prohibited and we had give them are soda bottles that we just bought that day (WTF!) but we left some back at the car so it wasn't a complete waste.
(the ones that are crossed out are the ones guidelines that were broken.)

Am just happy that it was first and last time that I will be going to this kind of event.


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