Friday, July 6, 2012

Lil Tokyo Haul

Hey Guys,

I wish I had done this haul sooner but here goes nothing. So a few days b4 I went to Anime Expo I want to buy some cosplay maid outfits I was very optimistic since a lot outfits were imported straight from japan. The only thing is will my boobs fit into those outfits. I thought about going to party city but I really didn't feel like going there either so I said well I haven't visited lil Tokyo in for quite some time now so let me enjoy my day. (Hint: if you’re going or live in Los Angeles best time to go to lil Tokyo is around Noon but finding b4 then but if did like me and came early and want to adventure around the neighborhood to find some hidden gems it took about an hour to walk around lil Tokyo.)

First I went to Marukai Market to buy some rice cakes and a Ramune which is in the Weller Court. I finally I got see what Nijiya Market looks like it in Lil plaza which is nice fit b/c it got really crowded around noon. Lil Tokyo has the most sushi restaurants I have ever seen. Anyways, then walked all the way to Lil Tokyo shopping center which as really run down but had a good lunch crowd and they also had arcade one of very few I seen that has not been taken out of business yet. I want try this store which sold macaroons, I asked which one was really popular and she said Pistachios so I bought two. Oh the store is called "Lette" and they are moving to another location probably more near San Pedro Blvd.

I also went to Pop-killer store which a smaller then first location which is in Hollywood area. On 2nd street they have these two clothing store one you've already heard of which American Apparel and this other store called Kimski Makes very original/edgy clothing store.

Now for cosmetic stores which sells Japanese Cosmetic imports so if don't want to wait to buy it online then visit these shops most of them are located in the Tokyo plaza. Make Asobi which sells mostly Japanese cosmetic brands and skincare and also clinque. I was in a wonderland when I came here. I bought some tweezers, eyebrow blades and Majolica mascaras. But I went to another store called Maneki Neko which was like mini Sasa and had huge nyx counter which I bought the Super Skinny Marker eyeliner then some My beauty diary mask and Tsubaki shampoo (white) and conditioner (red) and HADANOMY Collagen Mist spray b/c my skin would dry out a lot during winter or tighten up at the end of day when skin b/c it was dehydrated. The other cosmetic store which reminds me of Macy's cosmetic counters they have and carry the high end skin care brands, and the store is called Little Tokyo Cosmetic.

My gals thought I wasn't wearing lashes, probably b/c of how I angles the camera.



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