Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Winning. . .I know didn't expect that

So now those giveaways some YouTuber’s and you enter jus to get a chance to see if you could really win but you don’t but you just decide to enter jus for heck of it and somehow you end up winning. Finally I win something from the YouTube giveaways.

On Thursday I went online just to watch some popular creatures play some amazing platform games . . .and then when I finished I saw Heyitszaners had put up a video. . .He's a coming up K-pop and J-pop vlogger. . . now I met him well I yelled hey to him at one the Royal/T special event with 6%Doki Doki and main guest Kyary Pamyu Pamyu which I kind of regretted doing that after watching Xiaxue how to greet a popular Youtuber . . . Anyways he was having a giveaway and it was for his 1700 subscribers so I left him a comment. Than on Monday I was checking YouTube because I was tired from working on my homework and saw that he was announcing the winner so watch it and then I heard my username and “gurl you won”. . .I was shocked and really happy to win something finally. So here is video if ur interest in watching or want follow Zane’s YouTube page.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Small Shoe Finder

So I was online window shopping and and found that alot winter shoes were still on sale most of which are a size 5 and 6 which is a sad for me since I'm a size 8-9. The reason why I'm bring this up is that alot of guru's that I follow on Youtube have very small feet and they were having trouble finding shoe sizes that fit them. Most of them to have spend huge amounts of money to have the shoes shipped from Asia since shoe sizes fit smaller over there and culturally small feet was the thing over there centuries ago. . .

Well if ur small "Feet type" and want save a lil $ I found a shoe store for you. . .plus you can also go to store if you live in the U.S.

The name of store is "Charlotte Russe" some of you may have heard of it. . .it's a simmilar to Forever21 but shoe selection is way better. I bought shoe from them for my prom and they are awesomwe quality has gotten really good and even bought some more shoes.

Here is the link to shoe page:

And they have facebook page aswell, which is also accessibale through their website, but here are are pics of shoes sizes on the site.

Monday, March 12, 2012


Hey guys,

Today I went to "Mitsuwa" in Santa Monica after class. I had lunch with a friend. He got Sanuki Sandou's "udon with shrimp tempura" and I got Misasa's "tempura sweet potatoes and shrimp and tofu with miso soup". We got something to drink as well the from market I got my beloved "Ramune" glass ball drink and he got the bottle version of "Ramune" in strawberry flavor. I notice the change in density of bottle they are more bigger than before but a little hard to drink for me. Anyways I really wanted to get my hands on the magz they had and wish I had went to anniversery but I got some good left overs so to speak.

I pick up "S Cawa" and "Fruits" look book and I thought I saw kyrary(
) in one of small photos. Anyways I also got in the mall "SHAPE" magazine so had shoot off of all them fot you guys.. . .Enjoy!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

[Update“Japan. Endless Discovery”] BooK off review

Hey just a reminder today is “Japan. Endless Discovery” is today from 12-6 pm.

Now Book off:
I like this store. The first one I went to was in the Del Amo Mall.

Pros: Huge selection of books, imports, console games(no PC software) and DVDs. . .
I also found manga(model) that got complete my collection.

Cons: They do not take bents/slightly damaged books and etc.
They also do not take magazines and textbooks.
The books has new to fairly used.

For a second hand book store they are very picky.
On there website they say:
"We decide the purchase depending on the condition of the books or CDs, not titles, authors or artists. Generally we accept almost all genres. Please contact the nearest Book Off store for details.

Even in the case of identical books or CD's, Please note that depending on the condition, some books may not be acceptable or prices may vary. Circumstances also vary depending on the inventory status at each store.

The final purchasing price is decided on site after actually evaluating the condition of each book or CD. And therefore, quotation cannot be given in advance in case of email or phone inquiries. We hope you understand our policy."

Then saw this:
"Yes you can sell dictionaries and reference books. However, you may not be able to sell your books due to the publication date or condition of the books. You also cannot sell the books with write-ins or marker signs on them.

If you are not satisfied with the above answer, please contact our stores."

Last time I check a textbook is consider a reference book like general Eds.,books like Math(accounting), English, Dictionaries and Language/ESL books.

The only place I know to to sell books is online(-_-). . .But I if anyone knows where in LA County I sell used textbooks books please leave comment.

I give this store 4 out 5 because it's more easy to buy than to sell and books condition has to be nicely taken care of to sell which usually case with Liquidations or secondhand stores.

Now am going to tell which stores are best for different needs:

For Otukus, Gals, and Gamers fans ( this store in very Japanese style shopping center so feel like ur japan)

The one at the Del Amo has a assortment selections varying but they do carry a lot of games and manga it more like the Barnes & Noble around the corner.

There three other store in Costa Mesa, Westminster Mall, and San Diego most of them are located near Mitsuwa(favorite place to eat) or Marukai(Daiso stuff;huge $2 store).

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

BOLLA. KILLS 2yr Anniversary + Pop-Up Shop

Another Event Next Weekend
BOLLA. KILLS 2yr Anniversary + Pop-Up Shop

March 17, 2012 8:00 pm
February 28, 2012

Bolla. & Royal/T present a collaborative project between the two local companies.

March 17, 2012 marks the 2 year anniversary of Bolla. Clothing & Accessory Co. To commemorate this day as well as give something back to the family, friends, and fans, Bolla. teamed up with Royal/T to host the “It Ain’t Fun If the Homies Can’t Have None” event. This day also marks the grand opening of The Bolla. Pop-Up Shop where the Bolla. brand will take over Royal/T’s boutique and transform it into a one of a kind shopping experience.
The shop will be debuting Bolla.’s new collection titled, “All City Killers” selling as well as showcasing the brand and its history.

This event started out as a great excuse to have a HUGE party for everyone but after much discussion, this event is also a great opportunity for the next generation of young, up-&-coming creative individuals to gather and socialize as well as network with one another to grow their passions.

The night will be filled with family, friends, and loved ones. Local food trucks will also be on site for your craving needs. Sweet Beats will also be on site with their ice cream truck and last but not least Pabst Blue Ribbon and Monster Energy will be sponsoring this event and will be one of the many drinks available at the bar.

This event is for everyone to come and enjoy. If it were not for you guys, we will not be here today. So this event is for you, come one, come all. Enjoy yourself and have fun!

This is an open event and open to the public. Bring/Share/Invite everyone, but PLEASE RSVP!!!
Music by:
Sweet Beats
Hot Club

Pabst Blue Ribbon
Monster Energy
Sweet Beats
For more info please visit the following:


I went to this event i thought wouldn't be able to make it since it was raining on off but i made it. It was really cool chill event it was very crowded of course. Wells here is the run down of clothes they had hat, beanies, graphic Ts, jackets, key chains/stickers aceesories,and skateboards. I was really feeling beanies so i bought one and there was a graphic T i wanted but i didn't get paid yet so I'll wait or go to there online store. The music was was awesome they played house, hip hop, and electronica they had three DJs that night and the girl was hit some jams. I will try to put up video on my youtube acoount.

Check out my footage of the event:


Japan – Endless Discovery – Event at the Grove

Hey Everyone, I have some exciting News! This for all you LA county ppl. If you in the Los Angele's area this weekend and love Japanese culture you won't want to miss this!

With your friendship, Japan moves forward from the Earthquake one year ago. Arigato!! To convey their heartfelt gratitude for the massive worldwide support they received after the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, the Consulate General of Japan in Los Angeles and Japanese Business Association of Southern California will hold an afternoon-long public appreciation event entitled “Japan. Endless Discovery” on March 10th, 2012.

Come and find “your Japan” by visiting booths featuring Japanese cutting-edge technology, delicious and healthy food and drinks, charming characters, traditional culture and trending fashion and pop culture. You can even meet and take a photo with Hello Kitty! Promising to showcase the best of Japan, this cultural and public appreciation event will feature stage performances, various attractions, ceremony and much more. Fun for all the family!

Everyone is WELCOME!! Show off your Japanese style! Kimono, Cosplay, J-Fashion is highly encouraged!

Endless Discovery. When: Saturday, March 10, 2012 12:00 p.m. to 8:00p.m. Where: The Grove shopping and cinema complex 189 The Grove Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90036 So hopefully after work I' ll come down since spent my High school years there. So, hope to see there!!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Eat foods in Season

Okay, so I found this website about a year ago and it's awesome for all you organic or food enthusiast. The website site is called Eat The Season. I really love this site and it smart phone friendly and to the point. It's mostly has US and UK foods that are in season which is really good for most of us who live urban city dwellers. When I used this site when I go grocery shopping with my mom we save big time we cut are cost in half. We usually spend like $100+ but taking out some processed food (if didn't know bread and soups are processed), bread is not a big deal but soups I think making ur own soup broth or buying broth is way better for you and warms your soul. So happy food finding- website: