Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Winning. . .I know didn't expect that

So now those giveaways some YouTuber’s and you enter jus to get a chance to see if you could really win but you don’t but you just decide to enter jus for heck of it and somehow you end up winning. Finally I win something from the YouTube giveaways.

On Thursday I went online just to watch some popular creatures play some amazing platform games . . .and then when I finished I saw Heyitszaners had put up a video. . .He's a coming up K-pop and J-pop vlogger. . . now I met him well I yelled hey to him at one the Royal/T special event with 6%Doki Doki and main guest Kyary Pamyu Pamyu which I kind of regretted doing that after watching Xiaxue how to greet a popular Youtuber . . . Anyways he was having a giveaway and it was for his 1700 subscribers so I left him a comment. Than on Monday I was checking YouTube because I was tired from working on my homework and saw that he was announcing the winner so watch it and then I heard my username and “gurl you won”. . .I was shocked and really happy to win something finally. So here is video if ur interest in watching or want follow Zane’s YouTube page.


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