Monday, March 12, 2012


Hey guys,

Today I went to "Mitsuwa" in Santa Monica after class. I had lunch with a friend. He got Sanuki Sandou's "udon with shrimp tempura" and I got Misasa's "tempura sweet potatoes and shrimp and tofu with miso soup". We got something to drink as well the from market I got my beloved "Ramune" glass ball drink and he got the bottle version of "Ramune" in strawberry flavor. I notice the change in density of bottle they are more bigger than before but a little hard to drink for me. Anyways I really wanted to get my hands on the magz they had and wish I had went to anniversery but I got some good left overs so to speak.

I pick up "S Cawa" and "Fruits" look book and I thought I saw kyrary(
) in one of small photos. Anyways I also got in the mall "SHAPE" magazine so had shoot off of all them fot you guys.. . .Enjoy!


  1. I love fruits! I go to Mitsuwa every month to get Fruits and Kera magazines. Kera magazines are really rad, Kyary Pamyu Pmayu is almost always in every Kera magazines~

    1. Sorry, that got to your comment late, school has been racking my brain. My friend took me there a lot when I had class with her. . .this time I took my friend there and he really like the food and variety, and now he can't stop talking about