Friday, March 16, 2012

Small Shoe Finder

So I was online window shopping and and found that alot winter shoes were still on sale most of which are a size 5 and 6 which is a sad for me since I'm a size 8-9. The reason why I'm bring this up is that alot of guru's that I follow on Youtube have very small feet and they were having trouble finding shoe sizes that fit them. Most of them to have spend huge amounts of money to have the shoes shipped from Asia since shoe sizes fit smaller over there and culturally small feet was the thing over there centuries ago. . .

Well if ur small "Feet type" and want save a lil $ I found a shoe store for you. . .plus you can also go to store if you live in the U.S.

The name of store is "Charlotte Russe" some of you may have heard of it. . .it's a simmilar to Forever21 but shoe selection is way better. I bought shoe from them for my prom and they are awesomwe quality has gotten really good and even bought some more shoes.

Here is the link to shoe page:

And they have facebook page aswell, which is also accessibale through their website, but here are are pics of shoes sizes on the site.


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