Saturday, March 10, 2012

[Update“Japan. Endless Discovery”] BooK off review

Hey just a reminder today is “Japan. Endless Discovery” is today from 12-6 pm.

Now Book off:
I like this store. The first one I went to was in the Del Amo Mall.

Pros: Huge selection of books, imports, console games(no PC software) and DVDs. . .
I also found manga(model) that got complete my collection.

Cons: They do not take bents/slightly damaged books and etc.
They also do not take magazines and textbooks.
The books has new to fairly used.

For a second hand book store they are very picky.
On there website they say:
"We decide the purchase depending on the condition of the books or CDs, not titles, authors or artists. Generally we accept almost all genres. Please contact the nearest Book Off store for details.

Even in the case of identical books or CD's, Please note that depending on the condition, some books may not be acceptable or prices may vary. Circumstances also vary depending on the inventory status at each store.

The final purchasing price is decided on site after actually evaluating the condition of each book or CD. And therefore, quotation cannot be given in advance in case of email or phone inquiries. We hope you understand our policy."

Then saw this:
"Yes you can sell dictionaries and reference books. However, you may not be able to sell your books due to the publication date or condition of the books. You also cannot sell the books with write-ins or marker signs on them.

If you are not satisfied with the above answer, please contact our stores."

Last time I check a textbook is consider a reference book like general Eds.,books like Math(accounting), English, Dictionaries and Language/ESL books.

The only place I know to to sell books is online(-_-). . .But I if anyone knows where in LA County I sell used textbooks books please leave comment.

I give this store 4 out 5 because it's more easy to buy than to sell and books condition has to be nicely taken care of to sell which usually case with Liquidations or secondhand stores.

Now am going to tell which stores are best for different needs:

For Otukus, Gals, and Gamers fans ( this store in very Japanese style shopping center so feel like ur japan)

The one at the Del Amo has a assortment selections varying but they do carry a lot of games and manga it more like the Barnes & Noble around the corner.

There three other store in Costa Mesa, Westminster Mall, and San Diego most of them are located near Mitsuwa(favorite place to eat) or Marukai(Daiso stuff;huge $2 store).


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