Thursday, August 24, 2017

My Summer Part 1 - AX2017 [PIC HEAVY]

Hey Subbies,

Back at it again finally. Let me just say after finishing school I have been really busy. I'm trying to go on a long awaited vacation because I've been stuck in Cali for too long. On another note, with everything going on with this country now have I hear SBS is sponsoring a play with Blackface yet again. I thought China or  Germany's with their Black Peter (1850) was bad but come on and we will count to say "It's the 21 century and this still happening."  Even this girl I trying to example this too was like "Well, must be apart from the culture you doing about it." When did painting yourself black become apart everyday culture? I'm supposed to accept Blackface is supposed okay. Learn the real History and Social-political about the world on your own because what you learn in school is not enough to understand the world around you.

Anyways, I wanted to post these pictures of Anime Expo 2017 since I edit them but I'm trying figure what to post here. I volunteered again this year but I have tons of stuff that I have yet to post up for you guys. However, if you want updates you can subscribe to my Instagram and Snapchat since I do most of my post there. I'm really tired so enjoy the picks because there will be more to come.


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