Thursday, August 17, 2017

Have You Tried Them? #BOMBChallenge

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I hope everyone doing much better today than what has been happening to our nation as a whole. I really tired of the rhetoric being used today in our government and many have lost their lives in vain because of this blatant ignorance and the sense cognitive dissonance that I'm truly tired of hearing as a Black educated working class woman that I keep hearing the opposite from people who want tear people of color into nothingness. This why today and for a long time now I'm people are finally seeing our worth with many black-owned businesses that have been thriving these past few years. So today's post I will be talking Black-owned business that creates amazing products that you've probably already seen at your local drugstore or Beauty Supply. This list based on what seen on YT videos from Makeup Gurus before I even knew they were Black Owned in some cases. Also, tell me what is your favorite BOMB Brands. So with further ado, first up is...

 Update: I'm editing this post because I found that companies have become really miss leading about who owns or operates some of these brands. Many articles promoting supposed "black-owned" brands should retract or edit their articles. Here is the article if want more in-depth information and please share it. Shoutout to @Timalovelemons for pointing this out.

Cosmetics Brands

Skin Care Brands 


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