Saturday, July 30, 2016

KTMF 2016 Highlights

Hey Subbies,

I just came back into the swing of things but I've ran into some problems with my desktop [Big Guy] lately that have really stressed me out along with school. Hopefully, I get this stuff updated and fixed around Labour day weekend. Anyways, here the pics I took at KTMF 2016. It was really fun and was able to see Red Velvet, Shinee, MFBTY, AOA, FT Island, Barberettes and many notable trot singers other performers performers. I also have video footage that I will hopefully post soon on YT page so look out for than.

For now, here is a Playlist if your interested.


Sunday, July 10, 2016

Serotonin and PMS

Hey Subbies,

Anime Expo has just passed and I've been super caught up with that but today I want to talk about  Aunt flow and Premenstrual syndrome or for short PMS. I've watched so many doctors and specialist talk about it, but no clear definition on how to treat the side effects, which makes sense because everyone's lifestyle and medical history are different unless you're a twin in some cases. A couple of years back it was all rage to talk about "How you should deal with your PMS." Even bloggers were given tips on what to eat and what not to eat. However, it going to take more than that to help with severe cases of PMS. But there is science to the madness that's why I always preach get your hormones checked to figure out what your body is doing. Hormones are like putting a key into the ignition to start your car; it is vital to know yourself inside and out. Another form of PMS is PMDD, which is severed form of the syndrome and it is considered a mental illness that certainly has to be linked with hormonal imbalance during PMS. Most women just go for the pill and other prescribed measures to help with symptoms. However, until you can figure what going on the inside than you can't take the step to live a happy and healthy life.

I'm Vegan and like clockwork, my body swells up, I don't even want a glass of water leading up to my period. I get very sleepy and in other cases, I stay up all night if I had a cup of coffee or caffeinated tea. This is when my body is at my worst if I've eaten foods that cause my androgen levels to rise. But my current periods last about 4 days long possibly due to age and my lifestyle change. But the worst part is the Brain Fog. For example, if I study for a test during my PMS everything scattered in my memory the day of a test. I'm also more irritable to others like my so-called classmate even called me a "Bitch."  But that's the common response women get called. You're not losing your mind your body is just focused on others things.

According to recent studies, "Serotonin plays a vital role in PMS. Serotonin research has been linked cases of Depression with serotonin levels and even heart disease." Depression is also a common symptom of PMS making women more likely to become depressed. This can also be a case for men, which could be linked to the Pituitary or Endocrine abnormalities. I wish there was a chart to see how serotonin plays a role in during month for women's menstrual cycle because I can't find one. Well, the study says, "Pharmaceuticals are not going to solve your problems, they only mask or hide the problem for a set amount of time. The best thing to do is to have a social life meaning friends or a support system that you can attend at any convince. In addition, diet and exercise will also increase blood flow and nutrient to rest of the body causing the boost in good mood and better sleep, which also helps in the production of serotonin." If you have problems with digestion than investing in enzymes will also help maximize absorption of nutrients. You're probably asking "What food should you add to your diet?" The study states, "Tryptophan" which is available in drug form but can be found in many foods that can help.

What is Tryptophan? Well, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine it is a "Protein that is an Amino Acid. With large amounts of carbohydrates, the protein can cause sleepiness, but is more readily available to the body." The reason why this protein is so important is that it also used to create Niacin, which helps with digestion and of course the production of Serotonin. You've probably heard or have experienced bloating and slow digestion during your periods, which is partly due to what you eat. In order for this to work efficiently, you need to eat foods high in Iron (Fe), Riboflavin (B2) and Vitamin B6. Here are the foods you should eat during PMS/PMDD:

Eggs                             Spirulina
Fish                              Soy
Cheese                         Sesame seeds
Red Meat                     Sunflower
Chicken                       Oats
Turkey                         Tofu
Milk                             Chickpeas
                                    Peanut butter
                                    Pumpkin seeds
                                    Dark Chocolate

Here are some teas to help with symptoms...

Ginseng: Stress
Spearmint and Mint: Cramps
Peppermint: Bloated, Digestion, Cramps and Nausea
Ginger: Cramps and Nausea
Fennel: Cramps and Nausea
Green Tea/ Matcha: To wake up
Chamomile: Relax