Sunday, March 20, 2016

Spring Break Whoop!!


I'm over the whole "Hey guys" so I'me switching it up. It's been awhile hasn't it? Spring is finally here and I'm loving it because if guys don't know my university is still on quarter system and this semester was brutal. I had my hours at work cut so I could just focus on school, but on days where I had to work and attend class(es) plus a 40 minute drive for only three hours of pay..."omomo stress." This happened to me before but my supervisor was like "Just come in four hours because three isn't really logically." Now, I feel super lazy and my job isn't really that hard they just want some there to keep it open. So, for those of you still in a semester good luck. Also, don't take a language course during your Junior/Senior because you will die unless, your like my Chinese friend, she was taking Spanish and Japanese. If you have a son or daughter or sibling in high school I totally recommend getting them into AP classes because when they get to college they don't have to worry about taking certain GE requirements. This year for AX2016 I won't be in same department as before because I guess they've filled their quota but there had been a lot of changes recently so, I don't know if I'll be even going this year. If your planing on being a volunteer there is an upcoming open house, it is imperative that you have a Facebook account if your do decide to volunteer. Anyways, I had the so much fun and I did things that I've never really was able to do when I was just regular attendee. So, thank you SPJA for the great experience and I hope to volunteer again this year.

Anyways, this Spring and early Summer months there is a lot of events are going on. As always, I will be attending KTMF and I feel like crying because I finally get to see Red Velvet, AOA, F.T. Island, Tasha, Bizzy, Tiger JK, and Wheesung perform. F.T. Island was an amazing surprise to the lineup this year because they usually have their own concerts held here in LA almost every year so, I am glad they decided to grace this stage finally. [Playlist] It's going to be lit! Anyways, the night before I will be attending the Hatsune Miku concert featuring Anamanaguchi as the opening act.

Also, I will be attending the AOMG concert so, I'll get to see Jay Park and Loco my two favorites rappers plus, it's going to be in K-Town so, I'll be able to visit my childhood stomping grounds.

In addition, KCON has been announced for late July so, get ready to be broke but at least this time there is a fair warning. I wasn't able to attend KCON last year because I was attending another event that same day which was the first Moshi Moshi Nippon for LA. I hope that in the near future that KCON can also be held in Texas too because I know a lot fans fly to LA or NY just so they can attend.  Maybe later this year or next year?

And, Teen Top is doing a  US tour as well. I really loved Teen Top when they first debuted and they've been doing amazing job touring the States almost every year. I don't know if my wallet can handle this.

Breaking news GOT7 Flight tour and B.A.P Live on Earth tour will also be touring the states too. However, B.A.P will in touring in two cities here in the States this time around. I was able to see GOT7 last year when they prompting their new album Just Right so, this is amazing that they'll be coming back again...will this be regular thing for them, I hope. Mark your calendars guys and again there will be event calendar for Summer/Fall by June so come back for that.

I almost forgot to add this but if you are going to be in the LA area in June and love Korean food and Entertainment then visit the K-Town Night Market. There are still free tickets available so get them while there are hot.



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