Monday, August 3, 2015

Moshi Moshi Los Angeles

Hi Guys,

As you guys may have seen on my Instagram and a little on my snapchating. Well, I attended Moshi Moshi Nippon Los Angeles for Saturday. When I arrived at the location of the convention, which was being held at the LA Reef , the place seemed super busy, and they even had signs at entrance of the building for the event. There was another event going on at the same time called Nappywood, a natural convention so, that's why it seemed so busy too me. Their was also food trucks right outside the doors. I went over to registration to get my badge and made my way to elevators, since the convention was on the second floor of the complex. I got their pretty late so, I missed some of the main events but I'm on a strict diet again so, I had to eat lunch before I had to make my way over.

Anyways, the venue was pretty huge yet spacious and lacking the numbers I was expecting. But they were also giving away free Mochi Pocky so, that made up for it a little. Moreover, I knew KCON was going at the same time but I had bought the ticket before knowing the dates for KCON and I was also preparing for Anime Expo so, I was lacking in greens department. Anyways, I was able to take pictures with Ami and Aya and they brought their brand Jouetie since I saw them pass by it was crazy, the chances of me seeing them outside the photo sections and getting a picture with them. Before I had ran into Amiaya, I had to make my rounds, and I ran into other bloggers, some of the fashion show models, and I had to take a look at the really cool vendors. But I almost missed out on the Singing Contest that KKS was hosting. I went to sit down in front of this mother and her daughters and low and behold the the little girl "Isa-chan," one of  the judges called her, won the event which was crazy because she entered on a whim. I wish her the best of luck and a safe trip to Japan. I hope you enjoy the pictures and commentary in this post.



 Tiffany of #PeppymintCosplay 

The #DAM #Karaoke

If you like Silent Hill and Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Well this filmmaker by the name of Kenneth Pulgar-Vidal wrote the screenplay and produced this trailer called Angelic Magica, based on those two bodies of work. And it's pretty high quality film. I was able to take pictures with the actresses of the film. I will  be taking about this film more in the future so, look out for that post.


 Finally got to see #Rayko of #LolitaDark again.

This girl looks so familiar I asked her if she blog but then I also thought she was a YouTuber but she said, "She models usually." Do you guys think she looks familiar? If so please leave a comment.

#RinRin, one Lolita that everyone should meet. She asked me if I had worn Lolita before. I told her sort of. But I'm  kind of interested in Lolita because when I tried it out people thought I had the face for it.

#Don Quijote

We meet again lol. But seriously Julie is so cool to talk to.

 Greg DJ of Tune in Tokyo

Hiko Achiha and  YuRi 


#Wiining #Isa_chan











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