Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Looking Cute [Kawaii-Cosmetics]

I was watching Deerstalker/ Deerstalker Pictures 2, which are Lolita group from Australia who produce Lolita related and Japanese related culture videos. If your into Lolita I suggest you check them out. Anyways, I was watching Milky fawn's room tour and I was glued to video when she talked about her Too Faced cosmetics because she is really into chocolate/sweets themes. But she has G perfume, which I had hard time finding but they recently updated the packaging.  Now all the makeup gurus are doing reviews of the Semi/ Chocolate Palettes from Too Faced. So I scoured the internet for the cutest makeup products with link to where you can find them. Which one is your Favorite? Enjoy! 

Disney's Frozen X Peripera




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