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Far Out: 2015 Spring Summer Fashion Trends

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I hope you guys are doing well. I feel like I'm walking on egg shells this month trying not anger people, the struggle is real. It's like whatever I say or don't say people are like "I'm let you finish but...", casting shade more like a rock is angrily being thrown at me. Anyways, do you guys like the new look of the blog, because I might have to change it or tweak it a little more, so will see. I'm having a hard time getting stuff done this month because of delays. But enough about me let's talk about fashion (BoA-Action song just pop into my head and yes, I'm listening to her right now).

This season the color theme is White used along with Sporty, Beachy, and Edgy Urban attire. slightly inspired 90's Boxy loose fitting clothing, which can be seen on the streets and the runways this season. But the 70's have made a comeback with flare cuts, which I'm really excited about because I haven't found any bell bottoms since middle school, and flora prints and a lot more psychedelic is huge this season. Another color to look for is Marsala but I'll go into color a little later. Also tennis shoes are trending now, which is my go to shoe already as you know from past post.




The highlight shows for this season in Tokyo for Spring/Summer 2015 is Nozomi Ishiguro. You may have heard of him if your into Anime and Otaku Culture. His known for his edgy Anime inspired clothing. But he has multi range in designing his clothing from switching back forth from Haute Couture to Couture and Everyday wear. His new collection for 2015  Spring/ Summer show was the Flying Dutchman effects. The name itself alludes to mythical bright approach to his design with Dutchman effect; each design is different from the first, but use with angles and distortion in mind. Yet it has very edgy pirate motif as well. The Runway design is dark with added neon bright lines and lights really set the tone of the show.

Also, what is trendy is Thrifted /Used/ Retro clothing, so rock what you think is cool, awesome, and amazing; your a walking billboard of designer's forgotten work. Or redesign your retro attire, adding prints or lace. Don't be afraid to mix and match. Here in Los Angeles there are a lot of thrift stores, especially around Melrose and La Brea area like Buffalo Exchange, The Walk in Closet, Out of the Closet, Crossroads Trading and of course Salvation Army and Goodwill. But you can go to Thift Stores throughout L.A. depending on what your looking for.

Color Theory

Here are colors that are Trending this season...

Color of 2015...


Pink purples

Gingham is very popular with this color

Military Green


Rushed half done Braid



 Pink and Berry



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