Friday, March 7, 2014

Overwhelmed Wig Shoppers

So every time I go wig shopping I always get overwhelmed with all the wigs. I was talking to a guy and he told me his friend own over 30 wigs O.O. So when I do my wig shopping I use artsy background to help me you know my post I wrote about buying clothes here is a link if haven't read it, that my basic philosophy to solve my wig needs. I want to limit my wig collection to about 10 wigs and somewhat excluding natural colored wigs. I found that curly and short wigs are easier to manage than straight especially when it comes to washing them.So here is a list of hair color choices I recommend especially, for cosplayers who want to maintain there collection of wigs. I'll also be adding some suggestion for new Lolita, who want try something new in terms of color or don't know where to start. If you just want to stock up on wigs and your not sure where to start (*) are recommendations. Also if shopping on a wig site try getting 24-22 inch long wig I've had longer wigs which would get really tangled from 25 and up, this only applies to straight wigs of course.

1. Natural Colors (Starter/Classic Lolita recommended)



*Brown (dark/light/walnut*)


2. Cosplay Colors

*Red (Dark/Cardinal)

*Blue (Royal/ Ultramarine/Lazuli)

Green (Emerald & Ecto/Lime


3. Pastels (Harajuku Lolita recommendation)

*Cotton Candy (pink)

Mint (green)

Peach (orange)


*Sky (blue)

*Vanilla(Ash Blonde) /sunshine (yellow)

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