Friday, October 18, 2013

Start from the Basics

Hey Guys,

So, have you ever thought about what kind style you wanted or got overwhelmed at the store because you wanted buy almost everything in it. Well don't stress because I have as well when I first started making money for myself but with the  help of the Internet and my mom's awesome style I acquired my inspiration to do this post. Well starts with basic...Do even know what they are? Well they consist of:

  • A good Bra 
  • Leggings & Tights
  • undergarments(pajamas, panties, even a white beater)
  • Tank Top
  • Active Wear (spandex short/pants, tank, and sport bra)

If you own at least three out six of things which I hope you do lol your on right track to create a style of your own. But there are also clothing trends that never go out of style as well. But first I want to talk about Color and Texture because I find that this sort of topic of clothing is most important and any art form you decide take on in school; all about the supporting details. During the renaissance also called the blue period the use of primary colors (pantone): True Blues (ultramarine), Reds (permanent rose), and Yellows (Cadmium) and tint (white zinc) and tones (black; Manganese dioxide)  to created vivid and striking paintings plus these colors look good on almost everyone. Neon; pink, red, orange, and blue colors and beige are also great colors too, when picking out clothes and even accessories.

[True Colors and Color Contrast and Black & White ]

Now, the textures are great from keeping it simple to very complex patterns and shapes. I'm going to break these down into simple to complex texture. First, lines and patterns that create shapes from very thick to thin line. When going for lines you want horizontal lines and thin line if want look more thinner but if want the appearance of more surface area than vertical lines that are thick can work for you. Those aren't the only patterns, pock-a-dots, camo, plaid or tweed, and geometric lines are great alternative. Fringe, lace, and embroidery are also great textures to have in your clothing arsenal and even Floral prints. For my gyaru style, saike/psyche these are patterns and textures I go looking for when I go shopping. Lastly, the faux fur and feather, this includes patterns and popular prints Cheetah, Zebra, Leopard, and Giraffe and then wool as fur texture.

Okay, now your wondering what clothes are always in style or basically the staple that everyone should have in there closet: 

  • Trenchcoat
  • Blazer
  • Cardigan knit
  • White Dress Shirt
  • Jeans: dark boot cut, flared, and skinny types(plus after a while you can turn these pants into DIY shorts)
  • Sun Dress i.e. maxi dress
  • White Tee
  • Striped Tee
  • LBD (Little black dress)
  • Leather outfit: legging, skirt, jacket, and gloves,
  • Demin outfit: shirt, jacket, skirt (optional) and jeans you already own
  • Work suit: Blazer, trouser, and pencil/pleaded skirt
  • Winter attire: gloves, beanie, scarf, earmuffs (optional) and legwarmers (optional)
Next, we go on to shoes and accessories you can never go wrong with monochromatic (black, white, and gray) colors and browns and neon. I was size 8-1/2 since late elementary so, I have a lot shoes but mostly tennis shoes since I was more of tomboy probably still am but I know my way around makeup. . .since I'm such the artist lol. Now, the only shoes I'm looking for is some oxfords and platform sneaker these days. Here are some stables you should look for next season of shopping:


  • Ballet Flat
  • Oxford
  • Penny Loafer
Accessories: Messenger bag/ Satchel, Silver Earrings, Watch, Necklace, and Bracelets


  • Scandal
  • Wedge
  • Tennis Shoes
Accessories: Snap Back hat/ Sun hat, Sunglasses, Gold hoop Earrings, Bangels, Wallet/ Wristlet or  Cross body bag.

  • Standard heel/pumps
  • Pointy Heel (these seem to come in/out of fashion a lot)
  • Cowboy boots
Accessories: Br/Bl Belt, Backpack/ Tote, Gold Earring, Watch, Necklace, and Bracelet,


  • Booties
  • Knee-High Boots
  • Rain Boots
Accessories: Handbag/ Clutch,

I hope this help you guys and this is great way to clean out your closet for more space for the essential that you can never go wrong with. I plan to clean out my closet before the shopping season really begins to starts. Getting rid of old shoes, ripped clothes or giveaway your clothes to Goodwill or the salvation army this winter.

One more thing to add, about two weeks I was in Torrance trying to spend sometime with boyfriend since now we both have super busy schedules these day plus he's going to Japan at the end of year...I'm so jelly... Anyway we went to the Bookoff  and found some Edge Style magazine. I was over joyed since It's really hard to find this magazine. My boyfriend found some Brilliant Green and Morning Museume CDs which I was super surprised about. But I need to go back since I found almost all of this manga I own since it's in circulation anymore. 



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