Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Want vs Need

I haven't been in many relationships with guys but many people I met tell me their life stories which also includes all kinds relationships and from my observations these days nothing seems to be helping a relationship actually stick or work. The economy in many first world countries make even harder for either men and women to stay afloat. More and more people are waiting and waiting to settle down and start families, buy a house, have kids, some don't even want kids because it's to costly, most are less educated can barely finish school because it so expensive and or are seeking other ways of getting paper degree worth 50K.  Most can't even afford a house till their mid 30s. I think both Men and Women should be Independent like that song have your own car or transportation, your own place or at least pay rent, and be getting that expensive degree or getting that paper you know you can't serve that fast food/retail job all your life unless that's what you want to do all.

Which leads me to this :
If your thinking about being in relationship ask yourself this...

Is this a need or want?

Can I take the time to actually get know someone new/old?

Am I able to trust this person? 

Men seem to be more about themselves...
(If you say 'I' more than you say 'We' you might be pushing your partner away)
Men want and act before they think but don't keep your head in your ass or people will start to think your an asshole.

While women need to be stimulated and secured
(through conversation, going places, even the bedroom)
Women think before they act but don't keep your head in the clouds too long the air is thin up there.


Of course communication is often the problem in relationship
so, if your not able to talk to each other respectively or have chemistry don't get into relationship. Women like to be included in their partner dreams or future or plans this create closer bond because your able to include someone other than self into your life and that's a beautiful thing.

So give each other TCSC

Time, Chemistry, Space, and Communication

You both have to be willing to see other.
You both need to give each other space and do not cling.
Communication should be both supportive and logical when things get tough or serious.
One thing my teacher always said was "Keep it simple stupid."
There is no 'I' in 'Team.'

Don't dwell on the pass focus on the future

Men and Women don't worry about your past relationship if the person wanted to be with you they would have came to you directly, not the other way around, and if it ended badly you can do better. People seem to feel like it's their obligation to check up on pass flings, remember curiosity always killed the cat. If what I said is wrong than you still must some feeling for them so, don't drag your current relationship along just because your feeling guilty. To put it simply learn from the past and apply to the present future.

Give first than take

If your man gives you something women return with something equal or greater value and vise versus  in a timely fashion.

Selfless > Selfish

Just spreading some observational wisdom.



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