Friday, August 23, 2013

About My Wigs...

I really want show you guys my hair stash and wigs that accumulated but every time I plan on doing it I usually end up doing something else. My planning skill suck because I get so tired of doing the same thing after while that usually messes up other things like this. Today since I'm not at home yet so, I'm just gonna use stock picture of wigs and later post up my pictures of them. All my wigs are kanekalon, which I never thought I would own one because when they introduced into the market they were hell of expensive because the quality of the fiber but since it was in such high demand the prices went down. My mom gave me my first wig and ponytail and their both kanekalon.

 I use buy my hair from the beauty supply store in neighborhood and usually buy the Milky Way clip-in which are really good quality human hair but can get a bit pricey.

I got really into buying from oversea I usually choose Korea. So, I bought my hair clip-in form, which was Korean based web shop that went out business but they sold funnywigs, which are hard to come by these days. I actually like the quality and it made my hair look healthier and it actually protected it and made it grow. I store all my clip in those thick plastic hair push buttom slips.

[Hairextensions] D. Brown 9-piece wave                    [Hair extensions] Black 9 piece straight hair      

Now, days when I'm just looking for wigs to cosplay in our where to otaku events and buy them from The company is based here in Santa Ana, California and takes about two to three days to get shipped to my house which is plus plus in my book. The first two wigs are the wigs I ever bought the short is Chronos and the long is called Hera in Dark Brown. Then I bought the Nyx Copper wig for my Mei Hong cosplay from Touhou Project [I need buy another one because it got really tangled but I'm still able wear it but sweated a lot while wearing it so, now it shedding:( ] The Violet-Purple Hestia wing I got for makeshift cosplay because I found this pastel purple Grecian dress and I love it. But store most of wigs the net they came in ziplock bags. 

 I hope this helps for those of you, who were interested in my wig collection/hair stash. Here is link if wanna do your wig shopping[link].

 I might as well tell you some future buys I would like to buy...I would like order from Wigisfashion because I've been starring at there wigs wanting buy some. But I would really like to buy blue, pink wig and some other fashion wigs. Also, I really want some more Geo lens.


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