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My Favorite Black Gurus + Channels

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I haven't done a post like this in a while. When I started watching a whole lot of Black Beauty Gurus but a lot them went on hiatus or there was a lot of drama surrounding them which was mainly fueled by drama channels. I'm going to start with Channels that I have been following since I joined youtube, which is funning because even though I'm not avid content creator I do spend most of the days watching Youtube which is the main bulk of my entertainment and where I get my news. Even though I might not subscribe to all these channels mainly because when I watch a guru I want to see if they have:

A) Tackle issues within the beauty world 
B) Skin Texture/ Tone/ Issues
C) Changed It Up

I feel like a lot of people be sleeping on these amazingly beautiful melanins and feel I needed to give them so more love by sharing them with you. All we need is Makeup Guru Collaboration Channel and we are set.

1) Jackie Aina

Makeup and beauty guru previously known as MakeupGameOnPoint and LilPumpkinPie05 who became a licensed cosmetologist after graduating from Vidal Sassoon Academy.

Changing the standard of beauty, one video at a time :)

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2) Patricia Bright

Hi, I’m Patricia, welcome to my ‘Bright’ world. I’m a 20 something-year-old living in London who is glad to have the opportunity to share my looks, life, and journey with an online community. I feel there is going to be a lot in store so enjoy the ride with me.

Beauty blogger/vlogger and makeup and style expert who posts her video content to the YouTube channel BritPopPrincess. She has earned more than 2 million subscribers to her channel.

3) Kennie J.D.

Beauty guru who is famous for her Kennie J.D. channel and its content. She has earned popularity there for her Korean culture-inspired makeup and beauty tutorials and tips, as well as personal story times and K-pop reactions. 


4) Crystal Ezeoke

I’m Ify.
But most people call me by my first name, Crystal. I accept both! Since ’09, I’ve established a slow and steady following of beautiful souls across multiple platforms. More or less, we grew older and wiser together appreciating pop cultures from Japan and South Korea. It wasn’t until 2016 when I realized I desperately was in need of a social media reset. That is where I discovered far more about who I am. Who I am is never going to be solidly defined. But I believe that’s why I live each day with the purpose of doing what I love full-time. My content is inclusive of anyone who felt out of place being who they were…even in the weird kid cliques.

YT | TBr | IG | WEB

5) MilesJai

Social media phenomenon is best known for his LGBT-themed YouTube channels MilesJaiProductions, MilesJaiVLOG, and MilesJaiProductions2. He's known for posting improv sketches, vlogs, and beauty tutorials.

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6) Alissa Ashley

Makeup tutorial content creator on YouTube who assists her 1 million subscribers with makeup tips and tricks.

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7) Timaloveslemons

I love to create art, edit and film videos, and think of innovative ideas for trying out new things for my vids in the future! Vlogging on my channel is included as well as covers, Soon to be reviewed on Dramas, and Music as well. You all will be seeing a lot of collabing soon also!

8) ItsMyRayeRaye

Beauty, hair and fashion blogger and vlogger well known for her tutorial and DIY videos on her ItsMyRayeRaye channel. 

9) Cydnee Black

Freelance makeup artist for MAC cosmetics who publishes makeup tutorials, hair tutorials, vlogs, beauty, style and advice videos on her self-titled channel which has more than 650,000 subscribers. She also created a blog called Signature Cydnee.

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10) Youkeyy

My name is Youkeyy and I'm a beauty enthusiast who enjoys creating content related to makeup tutorials, skin care, all things beauty, & helping others while attempting to navigate and overcome life's challenges.  My channel is a place that is welcome to all and I want to create a space whereby everyone feels safe to be themselves and collectively promote an environment conducive for learning about many different things including beauty and makeup-related topics.

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11) Nyma Tang

Well known around the beauty community for her extremely dark complexion, she is a makeup product reviewer as well as beauty tutorial creator with a self-titled YouTube channel that surpassed 500,000 subscribers. She posts videos as part of a series called The Darkest Shade.

Black Girls Globetrotting

 Megan Bowen

South Korea-based American YouTuber and actress known as Chonunmigooksaram. She is best known for her internet TV series Date in Paradise, a blind dating show in South Korea.

Megan Bowen is a South Korea-based African-American YouTube star and actress who is best known for her YouTube channel ‘Chonunmigooksaram’, through which she creates and shares contents related to Hallyu, or the Korean Wave. She moved to South Korea taking a job as an elementary English school teacher but later left her job to pursue YouTube professionally.


Maryjane Byarm

Hi, I'm Maryjane. 
A Shanghai-based, American girl who has decided to share my life.I travel often to places like Japan, Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, and other parts of Asia, 
 I try to show different parts of the world from my perspective. I think there's more than one way to tell a story. Which is why most of my videos do not include talking. I like to think of every one of my videos as little stories that the viewer can interpret any which way he/or she wants.My passions are music ( I play the piano), drawing, filmmaking, film composing, and stuff like that!

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Hi! I'm Loretta ("KemushiChan") is a bilingual, perky polyglot who moved to Japan from New York City. Subscribe to videos about my journey to learn languages, finish my Master's degree in Japan, and all the quirky adventures along the way. 

Also, let's be penpals! 
Yummy Japan -  KemushiChan

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Started off making irl vlogs but at this point.. it's just a bunch of jokes. There's an occasional sentimental moment, but for the most part, just a bunch of meme references. lol idk

About me:
I'm American. Living in South Korea. I have a channel in Korean called whitneybae. And that's it.

Business only (all other emails will be ignored. sorry guys!):

Curly Hair All Day

Jasmine Brown

Model and YouTube star are otherwise known as JasMeannnn who gained popularity posting vlogs, tags, and beauty tutorials to more than 1.6 million subscribers. She was also a winner of the 2015 Wet Seal Model Search and one of 10 winners of the Tyrabeauty model search 2017 campaign. She signed with LA Models in 2016.


I'm just a girl who loves fashion, beauty & fun!


Organic Beauty and Non-Toxic Everything!

I'm here to share my love for natural beauty and natural living, with easy to follow videos in hopes of making your life easier and healthier. 

- I'm a mom to a 7-year-old autistic boy who changed the way I view the world and the meaning of health.
- I became a mom at 21 yrs old with little to no experience. ALL MY LEARNING CAME FROM MY EXPERIENCE AS A MOM.
- I'm a wife to an amazing man who showed me the meaning of love. Without him, this journey would not be so clear.
- I've always had a love for natural hair, makeup, and skin. I transitioned from using conventional toxic ingredients to safer, non-toxic, organic ingredients while keeping makeup and beauty just as fun and glamorous!


Otherwise known as Naptural85 on Youtube! I'm a Graphic Designer, Vlogger, Blogger, and Natural Hair Enthusiast! I'm also a wife in my twenties, married to my loving husband, Filipe, and a proud mother of a beautiful baby girl, Olivia, and two kitties: Chubs and Bella! #meow


x TORONTO, YOUTUBER; exploring everything natural hair, beauty, fashion, lifestyle & more!
x Thanking The Highest & His Son!
x Stay humble, timing is everything...

Naturally Curly 

Profile is the social media platform for the textured hair influencer in the world of curls, coils, and waves. Since 1998, we've been helping you flaunt those beautiful curls! #bighairdontcare

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