Monday, January 8, 2018

Lucky Bags in America?: There is fortune in leftovers

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I've been wanting a Luck Bag or Fukubukuro for years. "Fukubukuro is new year tradition or a custom in which merchants make grab bags filled with unknown random contents and sell them for a substantial discount, usually, 50% or more off the list price of the items contained within."  I watched my favorite Vlogger based in Japan doing all these Bag Reveals of what they were able to get and in the process of making me wish America had something like this that wasn't a monthly box. Currently, there are a bunch of sales going on in Online but who wants to pay for shipping.

From a marketing standpoint, Lucky Bags seem like a great idea since a lot of "First World Brands" like Disney, Lush, Adidas, Starbucks, H&M, Claires, and Forever21 are already doing it. Even Streetwear, Thrift, Pet, and Electronic stores are taking part in it. Instead of just having sales racks you can also take those last season items as long as they aren't damaged and curate bags to shoppers and the mystery of getting something from there favorite brands is pretty much a win-win. Hell, there are young adult and adults alike going to stores waiting in line for limited items already.

In Japan, it is a lot more hectic, possibly on the same level as Black Friday. However, to combat the growing crowds for each year for these mystery bags they make customer line up and give each customer a ticket. Not only do they do that but they do a preview of what you might get if the customer decides to buy a bag online. And, it's also really overwhelming sometimes to go to a store or shop online to look for whats on sale or find clothes that fit you. Now in the US, we have all kinds of shapes and sizes, so my suggestions are to give each person their options of choice sizes of the bags or Clothing Sizes (i.e. Plussize or L/M or S/M). Some bags range from $20-$100 (~2000yen to 10000yen) and have 10 or more items even whole freak'n outfits.

My only experience with Lucky bags has been at conventions like Anime Expo. I like the option to buy them but for the most part, I go in with a game plan. But see people getting them and if they don't want something they can give it to someone who does. I hope something like this can happen because literally saving up to go to Japan is not always an option for many.

Stores I think should try this:

American Apparel
Bed, Bath & Beyond
Charlotte Russe
Michael Kors
Nine West
Quick Silver
Toy R US
True Religion
Wet Seal


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