Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gaint But Amazing

This art exhibition was amazing and if your tired of seeing the same thing being overly exploited over and over again here in the US of Japanese culture, then this will not disappoint. You will come to appreciate the media that come from Japan American or any other minority interpretation of American pop culture from very creative minds of the Giant Robot Family. The Optimus Prime who transformed this amazing branded name is Eric Nakamura, Publisher / Editor of Giant Robots.
Eric graduated from UCLA with a degree in East Asian Studies. He got his start in magazine making through a stint at Larry Flynt Publications. In addition to publishing issues of GR, Nakamura has made an independent movie called Sunsets, shot photos for punk rock bands, and designed t-shirts. Eric can be found at Giant Robot Stores in West LA. His writings are now found daily at

If, your up for the challenge go check out the exhibition, but if your a little lazy I went to the exhibition for you and had a great time walking around the museum  and wondering how long it's been since I've last visited it lol. They had food, drinks and beers, I was in heaven. Finally, I got to try my first Japanese beer, KIRIN. . .let me tell you I'm not to fond of beer unless it's fruity or sweet but it's like drinking soda if wondering because you burp a lot. They also had live band and DJ play through ou the night. Oh yeah, LT Plaza was open so walked around and bought somethings I shouldn't have, never drink then shop (hint: Maneki Neko shop). I also that the macaroon place I told you about is in the Little Tokyo haul; it's called Lette actually moved into the plaza now (YAY!) There also pizza place I forgot to mention in the haul that's call Mr. Pizza. . .best service and food service is hot to order. I had tried their Hawaiian pizza and taste better then the one's I've tasted (cough cough. . .I think they don't use canned pineapple).

Okay Okay on with web exhibition Giant Robots.




One more show to add if your interested
. . .
 Giant Robot Presents

20 pieces of Dreams

An Exhibition by Mari Inukai and Special Guests
In Japan, a 20th Birthday is a “Coming of Age” birthday. It includes ceremonies and parties, and it’s akin to becoming 21 in the US. We’ll be celebrating Mari Inukai’s Daughter, Sena’s birthday on October 27th at Giant Robot 2 in West LA.
Mari Inukai, Sena Inukai, Amy Sol, Audrey Kawasaki, Edwin Ushiro, Elizabeth Ito, Fumi Omori, Katsuya Terada, Kent Williams, Sean Chao, Stella Im Hultberg, Tessar Lo, and Yoskay Yamamoto

     Saturday, October 27th  20126:30 – 10:00 PM

2062 Sawtelle Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025



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