Monday, December 25, 2017

Underrated K-pop Artists I'm Excited About

Merry Christmas,

I'm really tired after eating dinner. But I wanted to highlight this artist before the year is up. Some debuted this year or couple years back, however, I think this year was their best year. Some have been called very underrated to the point of disbandment while others are doing okay. What I mean by doing okay for some it 's 100,000 views but I think by today's standards if you can reach 500,000, even a 1M you're doing good on each comeback M/V. If you like anything on this list then share it so others can see these amazing artists. Also, some have been on those popular group shows trying to get their shine on which can be a double edge sword (cough...cough DIA). In addition, please check out the 'honorable mentions' because I couldn't find gifs to showcase some of the groups/ artists on the list. Can you guys guess which group on this list has under 5,000 views? Well, I hope you guys enjoy the rest of Christmas. Enjoy! (BTW some of the songs I actually love and did pretty well on the charts.)

Lucy - B-Day

A.C.E - Callin | Catus 

Yuseol - Ocean View

S.O.C (Seven O' Clock) - Echo

Gate9 - Chemical

AlphaBat - Get Your Luv

Marmello - Can't Stop | Puppet

Snuper - Back:Hug

Yaeji - Drink I'm Sippin On | Last Breath | Therapy  | RainGurl | New York 93

VAV - Flower | She's Mine

CLC - Where are YouSUMMER KISS | I like It

MVP - Take It

Moon Hyuna - Cricket Remedy Take 2

S2- Honeya

Blanc7 - YEAH

Subin (of Dalshabet) - StrawberryCircle's Dream

Black6ix - Like a Flower

Baba - Funky Music | Catch Me

Eyedi - Best Mistake | Type

IN2IT - Amazing

Hash Tag - ㅇㅇ

Hotshot - Jelly

Cherry Coke -  Like I Do

ELRIS - Pow Pow

IMPACT - Feel So Good | Please Be My First Love | Lollipop

Hoody - Hangang

DMEANOR - Don't Hold Me

Uhm Jung Hwa - Ending Credit

VARSITY - U r my only one

MiSO - Pink Lady

 TopSecret - She


ONF - On/Off 

ICiA - Sad heel 

P.O.P - Catch You

Sophiya - Therapy | For The Record

Honorable Mentions
Blah Blah - Good Job
A.De - Laputa
VERMUDA - Dream girl
YunB - Ritalin (Feat. YonYon)
 Koh Nayoung -  Clumsy 


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