Friday, December 1, 2017

My most played K-pop songs of 2017

Hey Subbies,

Currently, I'm watching Sunmi's performance of Gashina at the MAMAs and she made it on my list. I'm still pretty into Kpop especially with all my favs coming back into the spotlight, I see you BoA and Rain.  Anyways, this was really hard to make sense a lot of boy groups have been debuting. However, I've also been debating on making another list of favorite up and coming artist. This year Seventeen came out of nowhere and slayed the game with their multiple comebacks the second half of this year and maybe as you can see they are first place because it 2017 so let the puns begin. Literally, think they were trying to create a visual album with all this Lemonda of tracks. Another group that debuted yet has been catching some hype, I'm not talking K.A.R.D but I will say their pre-debut as solo-subunits has been fire and I have talked about their first subunit in this post here. This time I want to highlight ODD eye Circle and how Kimlip and Jinsoul had me at hello then Choerry trying to revive me. Lastly, please support Sonamoo especially the album/song I have on this list is up there with Stellar's Vibrato for me.

1. Seventeen + Subunits -
Clap |

2. LOONA/ODD Eye Circle -

3. Monsta X - Dramarama

4. Girl's Day - I'll be Yours

5. Nu'est W - WHERE YOU AT

6. Sonamoo - Friday Night

7. Winner - Island

8. Playback - Want You To Say

9. Nct127 - Cherry Bomb

10. EXID - DDD

11. BtoB - Movie

12. Gugudan - A Girl Like Me

13. Day6 - Hi Hello

14. 9Muses - Love City

15. KARD - You In Me

16. G. Soul - Tequila

17. Sunmi - Gashina

Bonus for 2018 :

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