Thursday, December 21, 2017

Kwanzaa: Self Determination

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Habari gani? (What the News?): For day two of Kwanzaa is especially important because from Unity I think you can gain a sense of willpower.  The word for the second day of Kwanzaa is called:



Demands a practice of self-determination in both the cultural and economic sense. It stresses the moral obligation of Africans to define themselves, speak for themselves, build for themselves, and make their own unique contribution to the forward flow of human history. Thus this principle prohibits collaboration in one's own oppression, the allowance of others to define African people or culture and turning to others for Kwanzaa items which the community itself has conceived of and has historically and rightfully made.

To be responsible for ourselves. To create your own destiny.

Dr. Karenga says, "You should not mix the Kwanzaa holiday or its symbols, values, and practice with any other culture. This would violate the principles of Kujichagulia (Self-Determination) and thus violate the integrity of the holiday." Self Determination is not defined based on "Freedom to live as one chooses or to act or decide without consulting another or others. It is more associated with the communal definition "Determining by the people of the form their government shall have, without reference to the wishes of any other nation, especially by people of a territory or former colony." We must all take part in expressing ourselves culturally and philosophical of which it does not permit outside forces to change those core values.

Today's Symbol term to go with this Principle is: 

(The Mat)

This is symbolic of our tradition and history and therefore, the foundation on which we build.

~ Heri za Kwanzaa ~


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