Thursday, December 7, 2017

18 Must Have Makeup Geek Eyeshadows

Hey Subbies,

I wanted to talk to guys about Makeup Geek and I've following Marlena for quick some time. I think she still living in Sacramento where my fam is from. And, I always loved watching her videos but because of school, I had less time to watch her talk about her brand. I go up to see my fam every so often so I wasn't able to see her store because of timing and personal reasons. I think a year or so ago during a break from I saw she had released some really cool two-tone chrome eyeshadows. However, when I signed up for Pinterest and kept seeing makeup brands being compared to Makeup Geek (aka dupes) and vice versa. Today I looked at their eyeshadows and I came up with a list of the most comparable pigments to high-end brands. I want to shot out futilitiesandmore because without her posts I wouldn't have figured out the best dupable eyeshadows, so thank you. Without further a due here are top 18 best dupe award:




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