Saturday, December 31, 2016

Top 16 Kpop + Bonuses

Hey Subbies,

It's been a pretty "Shitty" year. However, as long as I have been listening to kpop there was always a song to make me feel better. Even with so many girl groups ending their contracts and the mismanagement of said in general groups this year, I can say they are probably more happier now than being stuck with an irresponsible and unreasonable company. Anyways, These songs aren't in any particular order, but they are songs I've listened on repeat the entirety of 2016. Also, my mom was surprised by the female rappers this year and everytime I played KittiB or Jessi she would be like "Wow, she has deep voice." I guess it's rarity to hear lower range voices in music these days being that we don't hear other female rappers in America as much anymore. Moving on, most of these songs are fast paced because as you guys know I love to bump my speakers to the max.Well, let's get on with it...

1.Twice- TT/ Cheer Up
[ I couldn't decide because both songs were on repeat for me when they came out.]

2. Hyuna- How This?

3. Mino- Body

4. BAP- That's My Jam
[It's not BAP song without Guns]

5. Black Pink-Whistle
[Make it Whistle like a missile Boom Boom]

6. EXO-Lucky Ones
[ Between Monster and this song I think I listen to this one more.]

7. Hoody- By Your Side
[I stayed for Hoody]

8. KittiB- Nobody's Perfect
[Where are the Gifs for this song tho.]

9. Big Bang- FXXK IT
[Literally, should have been the song of the year lol]

10. VIXX- The Closer

[Remixes/ Mashups of this song with BP and GOT7 was lit]

12. GOT7- Hard Carry

13. Luna- Free Somebody
[My Feel Good Song]

14. Jay Park- Me Like Yuh 1v 2v 3v

15. Heize ft DΞΔN- Shut up & Groove

16. Crush- Woo ah / 9 to 5 

~Happy New Years


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