Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Vegan Brands You Should Try!

Hey Guys,

This a very quick post with typos and all however, this is for all you last minute shoppers, makeup enthusiast, and those who are ready for change. I know this blog has turned pro-vegan because of my standing; I have taken on an ethical stands but I'm not bias as they would like label most of us who are veagn. I feel society is out for blood with literally terms "blood diamond," "blood oil," "blood money" and etc. Some people would kill to watch world go up in flames just to make another buck (Gotta spend money to make money). I know this is turning into a bit of morbid post but I think we as humankind need to think about the future and right some wrongs of our past generations mind sets or go back to basics that's all.

Moving on, I found that there are so many vegan brands/cruelty free out their but some brands do include animal by-products (if you knew how some of these dyes were made ) so, be careful if your new to veganism, ("No, honey for you."). I bet most of you guys love Korean cosmetics and how it helped many of you with skin issues. Well, Korea has decided to band animal testing which is great news right but, if the products are sold in China well... they mandates animal testing, it is technically breaking the vegan code of conduct for most, even if the band has no harsh chemicals in it and or the company acquired by another company (cough cough...L'Oreal house of brands). I know the Chinese love Korean brands with a passion and TPP agreements has open the doors for free trade so, we won't see any changes anytime soon. So, here are some Korean brands that are certified vegan that you probably never heard of as for now:
*Most of these products can be bought through Gmarket

Brands to stay away from banila co., The Faceshop, Etude, HERA, Sulwhasoo, Innisfree, Laneige 
Espoir, Amore Pacific (much like L'Oreal), Dr Jart+,Too Cool for School, Clio and Iope for now (kind of sucks because these are great brands). Now for the main course...

The brands you should try :

Maybe someone should make a vegan box?

~Happy Holidays


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