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Top 10 K-Crazy [K-Pop]

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I'm pretty late on this post but I've been debating whither or not write a post due to mid-terms and all. But since Halloween is just in a couple of hours away I decided to go ahead and write this post for all you crazy k-pop lovers. And FYI, I retweeted my other K-pop sci-fi inspired songs on twitter so, go check those links out and enjoy. This not based on anything in video being crazy but the song title having word crazy or insane in it, even psyhco will suffice. But, if I've already talked about an artist(s) extensively in my other list then they exempted here. Alright, let's do this!

Genre: C for Cray

10. G. Soul - Crazy For You

Kim Jihyun (Hangul: 김지현; born on June 16, 1988), commonly known as G.Soul, is an American singer of Korean descent which is under Studio J subsidiary of JYP Entertainment.[ Before debuting as a solo singer in South Korea, G.Soul had some notable recognition in South Korea and some parts of America for being "R.Kelly's protege".He is considered as JYP's longest trainee having been trained for 15 years before debuting. He has also done several covers of songs by American artists as well. He debuted in January with the soulful “Coming Home”.  he’s comeback with “Crazy For You,” a ’90s influenced house track but completely his own.

9. A-Jax - Insane

In June 26, it was revealed on A-JAX's official Twitter account that the group will be returning with their 2nd mini-album entitled Insane, with the song of same title being the promotional track. It was also revealed the mini-album's cover. The mini-album will be released in July 11 with distribution by LOEN Entertainment. On October 21, the agency announced the group’s comeback when they unveiled the album jacket photo for upcoming single “Snake”. “Snake” is said to be of the lighthearted and funky rock genre where the lyrics allude a young boy’s love to that of a snake.

8. Kan Mi Yeon - Going Crazy

On July 1, 2010, Kan Mi Youn made her comeback in South Korea after a three year absence. Despite her hiatus, Kan proved that she was still hot in the Korean industry. With her new short hair and sexy image, Kan released her first digital single, Going Crazy (ft. Mir of MBLAQ).The music video, which featured Lee Joon and Mir of MBLAQ, recorded over 200,000 views in under an hour on GomTV. The song proved to be quite successful, and managed to peak at #11 on Korea's top music chart, Gaon. On July 15, 2010, Kan officially launched her own fashion line named Kanderella. The line was eventually sold on exclusive websites and was reported to be in high demand.

7. Son Dam Bi - Crazy

In September 2008, she returned with the single "미쳤어" ("Crazy"). The song featured a "chair dance" that has become popular with the Korean public; it has since been upgraded to a "sofa dance". The dance has been copied and parodied by many people, including Hyun Young, Infinity Challenge comedy team member No Hongchul, comedienne Shin Bong-sun, and Lee Soo Young.

6. Ailee - Insane

On September 21, 2015, it was revealed that Ailee will release her first full album on September 30, entitled Vivid Her title track for the album is "Mind Your Own Business". On September 22, the first music video teaser for "Mind Your Own Business" was released. On September 24, 2015, Ailee released her album Vivid 's tracklist and album jacket cover.

5. Lee Hyori - Going Crazy

Lee Hyori (Hangul: 이효리; Hanja: 李孝利; born May 10, 1979), is a South Korean singer, actress, record producer, activist, and television presenter. Dubbed as the "Queen of K-pop" and "Nation's Fairy" during her Family Outing days, she debuted as a member of the successful K-pop girl group Fin.K.L, but has since become a solo artist.In collaboration with 'Korea's Next Top Model 4', Lee Hyori brought a fourth music video since her comeback. A typical story, typical song about a man leaving and a girl crying.

4. Song Ji-Eun - Going Crazy

"Going Crazy" (Korean: Michin Geoni (미친거니)) is a song recorded by South Korean idol singer Song Jieun. It is released as a Digital single on March 3, 2011 through TS Entertainment. The song's inspiration came from the producers who have felt they needed to showcase a darker side of Jieun thus coming up with the idea of a stalking relationship. The song features B.A.P's Bang Yong Guk, who sings the rap parts of the song. The song's lyrics tells of a fallen relationship in which the protagonist couldn't stand the stalking of her obsessed ex-lover.

3. Tara- So Crazy 

On August 3, 2015, T-ara had their comeback with title track "So Crazy" from their album "So Good" It was choreographed by Brave Brother who also choreographed Nice Body for Hyomin and surpassed 1 million view in 2 days.

2. 2PM - I'm Crazy? (Go Crazy!)

During the filming of the music video of the group's upcoming comeback, a fire broke out on the set of the music video, authorities stated after the fire had been handled that the fire was relatively small and had been controlled by the time the fire team arrived, and apparently started when a spark from some fireworks which were being used in the music video landed on a sponge. All the members and staff present at the time were confirmed to be unharmed. The long awaited comeback that was to be in April was postponed by JYP Entertainment and 2PM due to their individual activities, for early June with a possibility that they will return in July at the earliest or even later in the year. According to ALLKPOP, JYP Entertainment rep told Newsen on the 14th, "2PM's comeback has been delayed for the time being. It will be in the latter-half of this year but the exact date has not been decided yet." In 31 August, 2pm released teaser photos for their comeback album GO CRAZY! and revealed that their comeback would be released on 10 September. They then released individual teasers on 2 September before the official release of the song. On 10 September, the group released their official music video for the dance track "GO CRAZY!" on JYP Entertainment's official YouTube account and garnered over 1 million views in the first 24 hours. They made their comeback performance on m!countdown on the subsequent day.

1. G-Dragon - Crayon (slang for crazy) / Michigo

"Oh Yeah", and "Knock Out", all of which have charted within the top three positions of the Gaon chart, with "High High" becoming a chart-topper. 2012 saw the release of his first EP One of a Kind, which yielded hit singles "One of a Kind", "Crayon", and "That XX." The album was critically acclaimed, earning Record of the Year at the 22nd Seoul Music Awards.  The song Crayon will serve as the lead single of the album, which contains a total of seven songs all co-composed and written by G-Dragon himself. Upon release, the album was an immediate success in South Korea. All of the tracks occupied the top positions on all major music charts, earning G-Dragon another Perfect All-Kill. The EP also places first on the Billboard World Album Chart and entered the Billboard 200 Chart at 161 for the week. As of January 2014, the album has sold over 252,728 copies, making it the highest selling solo album in Korea since the release of Heartbreaker in 2009, also by G-Dragon.

"MichiGO (미치Go)" is a single recorded by South Korean hip hip artist G-Dragon. It was released digitally on April 1, 2013 through Line, it's the first single from Coup d'Etat. On March 15th, YG Entertainment announced that G-Dragon will release a new single to support his first world tour. The single released exclusively through mobile app Line, it was first available only on South Korea, Japan and Thailand. The single was released worldwide on April 20th with the music video. The music video has a special appearances by Taeyang, SE7EN, and Teddy.The song entered Gaon Music Chart after releasing of the album Coup d'Etat, It charted on the first week at number 22 with total sales 87,930 digital copies, on the second week it raised at number 17 with 72,036 sales. On the end of September the single sold 235,165 copies.Billboard said that the track showed G-Dragon's charismatic delivery, and that he has a signature style that will is recognizable. The Music Video was chosen the third on Buzz Feed's 24 Of The Most Brilliant Music Videos From 2013, "G-Dragon is known for making the most flamboyant and weird videos in K-Pop, and this delightfully weird video is his best yet."


Best Cheating Made Her Crazy
Lee Junghyun - Michyu / Crazy

Best Crazy Indoors
FameUS - Crazy

Alright, here is the PLAYLIST of K-crazy you want so, happy listening.

~Happy Halloween

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Going the distance for my health

Hey Guys,

So,  my "nutritionist" savvy mom has given me many health books to read but, right now they are not on my propriety list since I've been reading more institutional literature due to school. I'm usually on my phone watching lifestyle videos and reading up on stuff that is benefiting me to write a post. Today, I wanted to recommend some lifestyle changes that I've talked about before but, before I want recommend some literature and help from the vegan online community this time. Most of books I'm going to be commenting on have their own meal plans and nutritional road maps. So, here are some good reads that my mom would totally recommend:

1) Prescription for Nutritional Healing
 This book is a great way to find out how solve health problems naturally. It's basically the encyclopedia of health the natural way.

2) The Micronutrient Miracle: The 28-Day Plan to Lose Weight, Increase Your Energy, and Reverse Disease
This book is like handbook version of the first book that you can take on the go for simple lite reading.

3) Kale and Coffee
My mom loves this guys approach to food and how inclusive his writing is. And, even before my my mom bought his book she was fan of his wife, Annmarie Gianni, who has her own line of Cruelty Free Vegan cosmetics and skincare.  But on the other hand, he doesn't push vegan diet or the lifestyle on anyone.

4) SuperFoods Rx: Fourteen Foods That Will Change Your LifeSimple Changes to Get the Most Out of Life for the Rest of Your Life
This book may seem a bit dated or less informative but it is more geared towards direct foods and lifestyle options that can change your life.

5) 21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart: Boost Metabolism, Lower Cholesterol, and Dramatically Improve Your Health
Dr. Barnard has amazing program for starting vegan diet/lifestyle. I highly recommend his book and website, a great starting point to vegan diet and lifestyle.

6) The 22-Day Revolution: The Plant-Based Program That Will Transform Your Body, Reset Your Habits, and Change Your Life
This last one is base on popularity: We all know this book if your in the beehive and it great that more celebs are turning vegan. This book just came out this year but I recommend you read Dr. Barnard's 21-day book before reading this book to see both Clinical and Physiological aspects of both books. I think starting with the Vegan Kickstarter then follow up with this diet lifestyle book would be a great plan of action.

Anyways, if your having a hard time getting to the grocery store then try this website called Thrive Market. I've never heard of them until my mom got package from them my first impression of them is that similar to Blue Apron but Thrive Market specializes in Natural & Non-Toxic Products without the retail price tag.

The reason why I have decided to stay vegan is because of the human condition has made us into over consuming monsters, and I especially hate that we continue to support using factory farming practices and techniques, and the lack of transparency on the huge masking of health problems it has done to put the meat on the table literally; antibiotics and chemicals, quantity over quality . Until this type of practice is done away with I'll be sticking to this plant based diet.

 So, moving on to some personal favorite lifestyle vegan coaches. I found that there is a lot ambiguities within the community. We all probably ran into the Banana Girl and her fruit bats and her Rawtill4 bros. I think their lifestyle is great but not right for someone like me or anyone planning to go cold turkey literally off of meat products. I personally don't think this diet plan that would be good starting point to a vegan lifestyle or even to lose weight off the bat. (If you have a lot of time on your hands and are just looking for something different to eat and want to exercise then, give it try.) It's like questioning, why human race decided to not evolve/diversify. So, I kept looking for better options being that I didn't find any scientific basis to back up her or their claims and their strategies are such selfishly ignorant pushed on to people and starting vegans. The problem in this world is that society has lock people into labels and preconceive notions; people don't read they just listen; hollow shells are formed; and it has been like this for centuries. I wonder if people will at least snap of this societal norm.

Anyways, I found someone who I was looking for in Savy's Earthling Nutrition that she uses knowledge wisely and doesn't corrupted it with here say. She's done a full analysis on the Rawtill4 diet, many of their claims to support the diet, and has been self teaching (Autodidacticist) herself  about how scientifically the body works and metabolizes macro and micro nutrients. She has very philosophical and scientific approach to the vegan diet, health disorders, and diseases where she takes about Dr. Barnard study.  So, I would highly recommend you go check her out and she also, has a nutrition e-book.

Wow, I did not expect this to be a long post but no matter, I just wanted to share this with people struggling to lose weight or find something new or are having issue with skin problems. But before I end this post I wanted to talk about key minerals/ vitamins that you might be missing in your diet that cause hormonal or skin issues like Ance. I really recommend you buy first two books because they go in depth on this these topics. First is...

Vitamin A: cod liver oil, liver, dandelion greens, sweet potato, carrot, kale, pumpkin, apricot, papaya, pea, seaweed and mango; and since I've talked about in depth already here is a link to that post.

Second, on the list is Vitamin Bs: 1, Thiamine: Oatmeal, Asparagus, Oranges, Liver, and Yeast; 2. Riboflavin: milk, cheese, leaf vegetables, liver, kidneys, legumes, yeast, mushrooms, and almonds 3. Niacin: Red/ White Meat, Avocados, Nuts, Mushrooms, and Peanut Butter; 5. Pantothenic acid: Avocados, Whole Grains, Legumes, Eggs, and Yogurt; 6. pyridoxine, pyridoxal, pyridoxamine: Red Meat, Bananas, Chickpeas, Potatoes, and Pistachios; 7. Biotin: Egg Yolk, Liver, and Saskatoon berries/pigeon berry; 9. Folic acid: Avocado, Liver, Yeast, Asparagus; and 12,  which I already talked about in this post however it can be food in Nutritional Yeast, Sea weed, Tempeh, and Wheat (Barley) Grass.

Third is Vitamin C, Acerola, Rose hip, Red pepper, Chili pepper, Guava, Parsley, Broccoli, Kiwifruit, Papaya, Strawberry, Brussels sprouts, and Orange; which I already talked about in this post.

Next, Vitamin E sources: Sunflower oil, Almond oil, spinach, turnip, beet greens, collard greens, and dandelion greens, Avocados, Sesame oil, Asparagus, Kiwifruit Pumpkin, and Broccoli. Vitamin E is a fat-soluble nutrient found in many foods. In the body, it acts as an antioxidant, helping to prevent cellular degradation caused by free radicals from food and the environment.

Lastly, Zinc: wheat (germ and bran) and various seeds (sesame, poppy, alfalfa, celery, mustard), beans, nuts, almonds, whole grains, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and blackcurrant. Zinc helps the immune system fight off invading bacteria and viruses. The body also needs zinc to make proteins and DNA, the genetic material in all cells. Deficiency consequences including stunted growth and acute diarrhea in children, and slow wound healing.

If you have allergies as well than calcium magnesium: whole grains, nuts, and green vegetables, selenium: Brazil nuts, Bread, Oatmeal, Spinach, Pork, Lentils, marinara, beef, turkey, chicken, fish, shellfish, and eggs, and Omega-6: sunflower, safflower, soy, sesame,  need to be incorporated into your diet.

Warning: Multivitamins often contain cyanocobalamin, where the cobalt catalyst is strongly bound to cyanide making B12 inactive.  Avidin is a protein in egg whites that inhibits the absorption of biotin. Pyrithiamine is similar to thiamine, vitamin B1, and inhibits the enzymes that use thiamine. Bioactive forms of vitamin are safer and effective.


Friday, October 9, 2015

High Tea Party: Day 1

Hey Guys,

OMG I feel like a surrealist painting. My first few weeks of school was like this... my knee is messed up, my school account was glitched, and apparently my late night class makes me look it and feel it. But the silver lining of it all was last weekend in which I press photographer for The Brands Boutique's High Tea Party Event. Because of the sudden change in venue due the unpredictable weather I had to make my way across the city to this lovely cafe called the Tea Rose Garden located in Pasadena. I have to say Pasadena, Burbank, and Culver City are one of  my favorite cities in Los Angeles County. Anyways, what was predictable was the traffic that Saturday but, what was so nerve racking was the 110 fwy was blood red on google maps from the 105 fwy all the way up to S. Pasadena forcing me to take the streets. When I finally arrived the lovely ladies greeted me and I was so, out of breath and a little nervous I forgot to introduce myself properly the first time because I was ready to go with my camera but they insisted I take a break.  Then two more girls, who were close friends came about 20 minutes later, and another 10 minutes later another girl arrived in her eye catching red blouse. Let the chatting beginning right! Well, sort of the venue that day was pretty busy with other patrons so, it was pretty hard to keep up with everyone's conversations so, maybe next time I will have opportunity to talk each girl. I just want to say thank you ladies for having me and I know I kind of geeking out a little too much so, for that I am sorry for shortcoming and behavior. Well on to the pictures by yours truly.

This was the highlight of the afternoon where we all put on are thinking caps to play Pip Pip Cherro and are lady's luck at playing bingo to win a cute prize.

I'm really impressed with these girl's coordinates.

In conclusion, the venue was an amazing gem off the beaten path of  the busiest streets in Pasadena. I would recommend this venue to anyone looking for something different and elegant to try. The cinnamon tea was great and even though I didn't get to eat some of food because if you have't notice I'm eating vegan at the moment but the salad was great and it had some really nice touches to my palette, and the fruit from the platter was just right. Oh, at end of event I did get to talked some of girls and get some more snaps of them and  here some of what I took of them. I had a lovely afternoon/evening with theses lovely ladies and hope to do it again.