Monday, September 21, 2015

My Trip to Sin City

Hey Guys,

About two weeks ago, I went on my end of the summer vacation and on top of the simply fact that airlines were having some good deals on flights. I actually want to film a video for you something like "My End of summer/ back school Haul" but, I feel like it going to be super long for me to just edit so, I'm still debating. This post is sort of  going to be an update/ follow up with photos. This coming Thursday I will be starting my first day as  a Junior at Uni , it has been a long time coming. I'm really excited but during my trip I had to apply for classes which, was sort of pain because most of the classes were full or waitlisted to the brim. (It sucks to have a late enrollment date.) Also, it was sort of nerve racking because I had to call the school or rather the departments to be able to get into classes I needed.  But I'm glad I was able to get into contact with my department advisor because I totally forgot about Higher GE courses your required to take. Anyways,  I'm  getting the hang of things now, but I was glued to the laptop, stuck in my hotel room for like 8 hours. Therefore,  It was a fun yet stressful trip on top booking are hotel last minute because we were stay with my heavy smoking god mother, so we got are dose of second hand smoke since she heavily relies on her air conditioner. Anyways, we finally went to go to Shark Reef  at Mandala Bay Hotel and we got see another Cirque du Soliel's show KA, which has been running for 10 years strong, and it was a last minute thing because it was sort of on my bucket list. There is a lot construction going on LV BLVD so, the traffic was really bad towards the mid part of the Strip/ Las Vegas. So, if your planning on traveling to LV try taking the back streets because we missed are flight to come to back to LA. Anyway, right after this post I will be posting another more exciting news that pertains to Lolita Community her in Los Angeles County Area.

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N. Las Vegas Blvd.

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