Saturday, August 15, 2015

Monochrome Blackout: A/W Fashion 2015-2016 (Fall/ Winter)

Let us be free of boring Normcore fashions. This season the color theme is Monochromatic Black and mysterious attire inspired by the 70's loose fitting clothing which, can be seen on the streets and the runways this season.

 Flared cuts like Gaucho pants and elongating "Mimollet" skirts or pants are huge this season. And, as you know the color of the year is Marsala so, you can still find a way to fit it into your look this fall and winter.

 Also, turtle necks are hugely trending for the upcoming fall season, as well as trench coats. I know a lot people who are not happy about turtle necks because they think it does not serve a real purpose or how deceiving it is because it wants to choke you alive. People people people it's just a sweater with extra material around the neck. I just think of it this way, it's a built in scarf; just in case you forget your scarf somewhere in the cold city at least you have your turtle neck sweater to keep your neck and body warm and protected from the cold dry winter nights. But don't you worry "turtle neck haters" the other trend is the trench coats.

Also, finding pieces with vinyl or pleather accents material are really interesting to see this fall. I do own a cardigan with pleather shoulder accents and I look forward to wearing it again this fall.

Another trend this fall/winter is Faux Fur, and as you know I just bought a faux fur coat last year. I hope to see more people switch to this material instead. After owning a pets you really value the importance of animals have in this world. But seriously, what will National Geographic take pictures of if their isn't any animals left. And what is up with trophy hunting (gaming)? What happen to Eco tourism!?! This is so annoying and idiotic. I guess people (w/ money ) love having the pleasure to target and kill moving objects and document it for the world to see these days. Well nothing is new under the sun.

Anyways, another trend straight from the Japanese street fashionistas is big light weight backpacks for all you going back to school this month.

Makeup Trend

No Makeup Makeup Please. Glowing Dewy Skin in the East or Radiant Glowing Skin for the West seems to be still in trend into fall/winter months. For people like myself, who have severely sensitive dry skin/ combo skin; there seems to be big support for this "No Make up Make up" trend since, it incorporates a all-in-one skincare and makeup regime to promote healthy and radiant glowing skin. For people still stuck under a rock there is a five step program in a effect for keeping your skin in check now. Before it was just three steps: cleanse, tone, moisturize-SPF with an occasionally exfoliate for us westerns. In the East, some have 10 step program that in compromises just one line to reap the benefits: Exfoliate, Cleanse, Toner/Emulsion, Serum, Day/Night cream, Eye Cream, SPF PA++, and now Spray Mist, BB & CC or DD cream.

 But here are the steps: Cleanse, Exfoliate, Emulsion or Serum (Essence) or Toner, moisturizer and CC/BB/DD cream with SPF PA++. If your not sure what type of skin you have then tried reading my popular post on Asian Skincare. I also recommend scheduling an appointment with a dermatologist or skincare specialist. But of course, people all fork over there money for all types of gizmos for the latest up to date news on what the weather is like on their dermis like the Clarisonic, moisture-meters, and infrared-healer to go a long with that. SK-II skincare brand and Panasonic are huge promoters of this, for the advancement skincare technology.

If your looking to make a statement with your makeup then get your brow looking strong and bold; have that graphic smked out infused metallic or oranges eyeshadow lined with metallic gold, or silvers; shimmery bronze sparkling skin; flushed with checks of peach or rose; juicy lips of red, black, or berry are totally in for this season. Even the popular metallic tattoos are toned down for the face to be decked out in them.

Which do you prefer Smoky or Metallic?

Lipstick Trend




Hair Styles

Headbands |  Slick back Side Part

Middle Part | Tucked Away Hair

 Messy Chignon



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