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Back from the land of Anime Expo 2015

Hey Guys,

Quick update: I finally finished editing photos from Anime Expo and I'm in the process of editing footage while learning how to use Premier Pro, which is pretty cool thanks to After Effects Gods or my Motion Graphics teacher; I simply get it but I'm still going to use Ae/ MM. I shoot most of weekend with my phone because I kept forgetting to take DSLR with me. I took over 500 pictures O.O which pretty much the standard for 4-day weekend as photographer but I think if I upload this much to google it will break but I'll make slide show maybe if I have time. I'm thinking about just buying  lightweight/ compact DSLR.

I don't know if I told you guys that I upgraded my computer yet, I went ASUS all the way all with an top of the line Intel processor but couldn't reinstall my windows 8 so, I had to get win7 pro. Also, I had to buy a PSU because the one I had wasn't enough to shut it down properly. I know some people had issues with 8 in terms of stability and UI/UX but I had an Windows phone before so, I was pretty aware of it's Charms and faults but it wasn't as bad as Vista, just terrible; I lost a machine to that stupid OS.

Anyways, I have a lot fun staffing AX for first time now, I can add that to my resume and off my to list for things to do in my lifetime, two more times I'll be golden lol. I have a lot friends people met who are in the industry: designers, illustrators, and DJs,..artists that are inspirational. Thank You for enlightening into the right path! Just to add, I wish I could of gone to C3's panel but schedule kept changing and just like life nothing is set in stone but I know they huge turnout which was great so big ups to them.

Moving on, I met a lot online personalities that I didn't think I would be able met like Crystal, Miles Jai, and one other person who didn't get take picture with from the once upon of time Facebook Gyaru group we were in. I even met a class mate from web design 2 class.  I think she works at JapanLA, which is cray but she has this amazing rocker/punk style but I love outfit with the Rilakkuma kimono. Also, Shinya of Dir En Grey was in the fashion modeling for acclaimed h.naoto, man made girls go wild because he's so soft spoken.Please, if haven't followed me on social media please do. Finally, here is a fifth of the pictures. I let me know if guys want to see a haul from what I bought from Anime Expo.