Sunday, June 28, 2015

My Personal Cosplay Checklist

Hey Guys,

This is a follow up post but it is also a post for me essentially because I'm forgetful when I get ready for conventions. This list may help you as well but it's just essentially a list with added commentary. Since advancements of the web more resources are available to new comers, last minute packers, and forgetfuls like myself. Here is a list of awesome websites:

Recently, I've just been using a duffle bag to carry my stuff to cons, but that can get really tiring and my back is just not what it use to be so, I needed to go buy a rolling luggage that will less likely cause wrinkles to my clothes.  Also, if you are bring new shoes make sure you test them out before con, I've personally had shoes fall apart. When I would go on trips/vacations, my mom would buy Lysol and spray whole place after incident when I got rash after sleeping at a hotel in Florida, but that was just one case but to add on to that a lot of people bring their own pillows to con. If your staying at con the whole weekend bring food (non-perishables), water + electrolytes, and vitamins. Set a timer for yourself to eat/sleep I and probably a lot us con-goers forget to eat so, Rest & Fuel Up!  For those of you who just run around con all day and night please make sure you go wash up when you can. To add on to this people, who don't have clue what to cosplay?... I usually look at the Expo Dances because there are usually themes with each Dance-Rave Party every night of Con. For example, Anime Expo every year has dance for the 3 out of the 4 days of Con and their all themed, like this year we have Neon Rave, Final Fantasy, and Super Sentai.

My Essentials List

-Deodorant + (fruity) Sprays (I can not stress this enough and I feel bad if your going Comic-Con, those few know what I'm talking about)
-Razor / Nair
-Toothbrush + tooth paste/mouth wash
-Cleanser (or just use the hotels soap)
-Serum / Face mask (easy to bring anywhere)
-Lotion + SPF broad spectrum
-Makeup Essentials:
                        BB/ CC / DD cream (All in one fondation)
                        Brow powder/ pencil
                        Concealer / Corrector
                        Blush (peachy & pinky) or use lipstick / Bronzer + Highlighter (I use a eye shadow                               because my skin tan)
                        Natural Eye shadow Quad
                        Makeup Brushes

-Cirlce Lens + Solution
-Cosplays outfits +Shoes
-Leisure Clothes and Undergarments
-You can use the bags that you'll receive at con to carry things but just in case bring a backpack/ side-bag (notepad, markers, pens optional)
-Camera/ Phone w/ unlimited data + headphones + Charger/ batteries + SD cards (and a laptop, if you traveled many great lengths to attend.)

-Monies (wallet)
-Snacks ( Don't know why but I hate eating highly process food because I feel sluggish and tired at the end of con and I absolutely hate that feeling.)/ Food list:

Tea/ Coffee
Ripe Apples/Green Banana (they don't go bad fast)
Whole Grain Crackers
 Seeds/ Nuts
Almond/ Peanut Butter
Dark chocolate
Protein bar
Dried coconut
Baked chips
Rice cakes
Cheese Sticks


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