Friday, March 13, 2015

Brown Eyed Girls | BEG | BG

I have talked about this group many times before but now I'm going to share them with you once again. They are the Brown Eyed Girls, who are one of the first groups I saw on YouTube when I got into K-pop. I was very lucky to see them in concert  at the 2012 KTMF at the Hollywood Bowl. They were very edgy and unique R&B/soul pop group at the time for me. The first time that I heard them not their hit record of all time, world renowned, the song of year for 2009 literally "Abracadabra," yet it was poppy "How Come" and I did do Sims 2 version of their song too. They are what most k-pop artist from the early 2000s and before are called "legends" or legendary groups of K-pop. They are uniquely different and if you are already aware of their maknaes, who are Sunny Hill in my opinion because BEG fully support SH from the begging until the whole NegaNetwork,  Leon, and 1theK issue. Yet every time they produce music it was (soulful) music; it very funky, controversial (lyrical societal taboo), influential, and catchy. Playlist