Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Why must you be so hard to learn?

Hi Guys,

Sorry for being MIA again, just expected this because I'm still attending college. I'm taking a summer class and lets just say I'm not so doing well. I tried taking it last year and decide to drop it, if your wonder what class it is Stats. I'm not so good with math and this type is like learning math again but with a whole lot more formulas. People I have talked too have told me to get a tutor but it's kind of too late for that now since it's a accelerated course. I usually sit near the front with the smart people but they don't even study till the last minute or work after the class and then cram. Their like. . . It's so easy? What so hard about stats? ...Well I'm just glad I passed the class and had a good patient teacher... Why don't you get a tutor? So I've just stayed to get all the notes I can when I take it again probably the other college I'm enrolled in. I'll talk to a counselor about what to do because this is holding me back from transferring. I've been kind of depressed about the situation I've put myself in and I'm stress to the max. I've taken Botany and Sociology which, both use some form of statistics and I passed those classes but I can't pass statistics. I'm going to go for jog now to release this pressure of having a rock on my back.

Update within an Update:

I took the class it was okay experience (we went thru the whole book in six weeks) but I'm going have to retake it anyways. Since I kind of wish we used current stocks, census, what is the probability of someone getting into college or transferring. My advice make sure you get a calculator and if have time go to the math lab and get a tutor and/or study the formulas both on calculator and writing it.  I found that the most important to learn is Describing Data Using Graphs, Tables and Probability (people had a hard time with the most), Random Variables, the Normal Distribution, Sampling Distributions and the finals are usually multiple choice. Also the graphs you will mostly use is a Histogram and a Box-plots. Hopefully that will help you guys who are going into upper division classes. Most of the people I've talked to tried to avoid taking math until the last minute or drop out of school all together and those who were taking stats it was their second time taking it. And the ones getting "A/B" in the class just wanted an "A" period and thought the teacher was an ass. This guy who sat next me  he had  the same major as me he got kick out of CSULB for not meeting one of the golden four requirements. . .  he had taken stats before received a "D" but all he wanted was "C" from what I saw on his tests it look like he was going to pass.



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