Monday, June 16, 2014

Fanime 2014(✿ ♥‿♥)

Hey Guys, 

Finally I get to post these shots and yes they VERY PIC HEAVY since I was working on my finally project assignment, I took close to 300 images over the memorial weekend. I was exhausted from school so I've been trying to take it easy because usually people have weakened immune systems after a semester of school. I'm going to do another post about Casa de Fruta because there just so many images for one post and I thought the uploader would break. Guess which images I used for final project that aren't altered. Enjoy!

 No line-con this year... except for the swap meet(6 hour wait)

 I so wanna go to this someday hopefully this year because I've never been to San Fran.

It was Gradations Time for San Jose University that weekend. The student let me say they are talented and have a great illustration and animation department.


 My BF playing his stupid 3D DS  everwhere, damn street passes lol

 Muji I should of went in to get those makeup acrylic cases.

 Amazing Attack on Titans gathering 

 Studio Trigger Panel was great!

 You'll see why we had to take the stairs during Con but great workout reminded me of last year we walk 5 miles are hotel. . .

 Packed elevator 

 Bye Fanime, it was fun, see you next time.

 My Boyfriend want eat this everyday. His dad kept saying he had signs that he might be prego which cracked me up.


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