Thursday, April 10, 2014

ex-BF's Birthday

Yeah Finally it's Spring Break...
I went to the counselor transfer office and got three more classes if want to transfer to CSU but I'll be apply for them this July but as of now I can apply to private institution of my choice which will be OTIS and CALARTS I don't know if I really want to apply to ART Center so I could turn zombie but doesn't hurt to try. I would go to these commercial school but some aren't accredited, which simply means you won't be able transfer from that school to another and some jobs might not care while other will care what school you come from. Each sate has there own commission board for accreditation so make sure that school is right for you.

Anyways here pics of Boyfriend Birthday we ate at a teppanyaki place called Yamato with his fam and the day before we ate Poquito mas.#foodporn


BF wanted me to put troll face...because he trolls hard


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