Wednesday, February 19, 2014


 Hey Guys,

Here is how my Lil Pic heavy Valentine's Day went. This is my very first valentine's with someone and now that I look back I did a lot. I feel likes things getting harder as time goes by but there always bumps in road I think moon heavily take control my emotions last week. I hate going out when moon is around sometimes. Anyways pick up my ex-boyfriend from the metro and we went to see the Lego Movie and Emmit reminds me of my ex-boyfriend a lot lol.Then we went to eat Shin Sen Gumi and it was first time eating at a very popular well known Ramen shop one in Lil Tokyo is always crowded but not the one in Lil Osaka/Westwood. Plus I went to see Kyary again and was near to stage this time. My BF bought me a shirt too. Here some food porn shots.


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