Sunday, January 5, 2014


Heys Guys,

I going to be ranting. So finally bought some clothes from Bodyline because I've been starring at them for ages. I got them last week. I got measurement right but apparently 3L there is size medium in Japan. But I couldn't fit into them but not zip them up on the count of my boobs. It seems like my boobs always getting in way, I can only wear extra large shirts.  And it got me thinking if going to be going Japan in next year or so then I won't be able to fit anything. I don't want give the clothes away...I've been fighting the war on fat for years the only thing that have work was going vegan, burning 200+ cal in the gym and I did try some diet pills when I was in teenage years, hell even ate pizza because I love pizza and drank tones of water and played DDR everyday as a diet(surprisingly did lose weight). I wish I had a trainer hehe but I'm not made of money. I'm going to have to loss 10-20 inches if I want fit into anything over there. When I'm at school I walk and I tried being a vegetarian, I ride my bike when I get the chance. My mom says, "I inherited from dads side of the family and their Jamaican and being big is what dem men like." My moms side is all legs power which explain why my legs is the first part to loose fat on my body and then I become top heavy.  When I was age 4  and under I was tiny, I blame the introduction of GMOs into the American diet and the abundance of McDonalds, Burger King, and Taco Bell. Dammit I don't want to be supersized! I bought a small lemonade and looked like medium WTF. Well I guess it back to gym for me and quite possibly being vegan to speed up the process. You can find some Plus Size stuff in japan but it's not very fashionable mostly cheap and this is true in Korea as well. If your X-large expect not to find much. You might have to go into the mens section to get jeans or shirts. If your size 8-0 your good to go. I feel like here in American especially students your on your own when your trying to break a sweat. Oh apparently were number 3 of being the fatest in the world, I think Australia or Mexico are the top spots now. I was reading stories about men or women that were either taller than average Japanese person or curvier and the store staff would just shake their heads. I guess for all those petite people world japan would be heaven. And there fast food portions are like kids meals over there.

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